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2019 San Fermin in the Diaspora: The Navarrese club in Rosario will begin today with its festivities program


San Fermín 2019 at the Navarrese Center in Rosario
San Fermín 2019 at the Navarrese Center in Rosario


Rosario, Argentina. The Navarrese Club in Rosario in the province of Santa Fe, is known for its activity throughout the year, surely the most active Navarrese club in the world.  Among its activities, the most unique and relevant that it carries out is without a doubt San Fermin.  Every year, the club organizes a complete program of activities to celebrate, but also to share the Navarrese legacy with the city.

The 2019 San Fermin Program in Rosario begins today with a visit to the Spanish Consulate, and concludes on July 9th with the “Pobre de Mi” (gaixoa ni, poor me). Here is the program:

Monday, July 1st: Visit by the club’s board to the Consulate General of Spain in Rosario

Friday, July 5th: 20hs, Beginning of the festivities with a cultural event, presentation of a musical group as well as from the txistu school "Fermín Sanchotena". 21:30hs, Dinner for the Peñas.

Saturday, July 6th:
-11hs: Tribute to all deceased members at the Navarre Plaza.  A wreath will be laid in front of the Bust of Pablo de Sarasate; txistularis from the club will perform ‘Aurresku’ and ‘Agur Jaunak’
-13hs: Txupinazo to officially begin the festivities
-14hs: Lunch
-16hs: Mus and Burako tournaments
-21hs: Dinner organized by the Peña La Jarana.

Sunday, July 7th:
-11hs: Kalejira with dantzaris, gigantes, cabezudos, zaldikos and musicians from the club to the Parish of María Auxiliadora, where there will be mass; dance performances by the dantzaris through the city’s streets
-13:30hs: Lunch at the clubhouse prepared by Mr. Esteban Calabrese

Monday, July 8th:
-21:30hs:Traditional ham and dance
-3:00hs: Watching the events live from Pamplona, garlic soup

Tuesday, July 9th: 
-16hs: Commemoration of the Declaration of Independence of Argentina with chocolate and churros and anisette 
-18hs: Main performance by the dantzaris and the Txistu School Fermín Sanchotena. Concludes by singing ‘Pobre de Mí’

Navarrese Club in Rosario on Instagram, @centronavarrorosario

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