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San Fermin celebrated in the Diaspora: invitations from Argentina, Australia, England and Mexico…


San Fermín 2019 in the Diaspora
San Fermín 2019 in the Diaspora


Iruña-Pamplona. There are only a few days until San Fermin begins in Pamplona, but the phenomenon exceeds the geographical limits of the Navarrese capital, since there are many Basques and Navarrese communities around the world that also celebrate every year.  In Iruña, thousands of people will gather on Saturday, June 6th at noon for the 2019 Txupinazo.  In the Diaspora, Friday will also be the start of many celebrations, some of which have been extended until July 14th.

We do not pretend to provide an exhaustive list, and it isn’t easy with the most celebrated feast whose events multiply along with the places where it is celebrated in the Diaspora from Patagonia to Shanghai.  Here there is a first list of some of the festivities in Argentina, Australia, England and Mexico that we have been made aware of.

-Gure Txoko in Sydney event on July 6th, beginning at 2pm.  Lunch and celebration all afternoon with good food, cold kalimotxos, txosna and great atmosphere. There will also be red neckerchiefs for sale.  More information here.


-Navarrese Club in Buenos AiresJuly 5th, 19hs, “San Fermin Cup” paleta tournament; July 7th, 12hs, Txupinazo, gigantes and kilikis, dancing in front of the clubhouse and lunch. More information, here.
-Navarrese Club in BolívarJuly 6th, San Fermin dinner: BBQ, dancing and entertainment by DJ Diego Sarchione. More information, here.
-Zingirako Euskaldunak in ChascomúsJuly 7th , San Fermin lunch. More information, here.
-Euzko Etxea in La Plata, July 14th: Mass at the Church of Guadalupe, txupinazo by the Lehendakari and Mayor, lunch, music, dance performances and public dance. 
-Denak Bat in Mendoza, July 6th: San Fermin celebration beginning at 7pm, with music, dnace, theater, games and Basque food. More information, here.
-Navarrese Center in Buenos Aires, July 14th. San Fermin Lunch at 12:30pm at the Balear House. More information, here.
-Gure Etxea in Tandil, July 7thSan Fermin will be celebrated with the following program: 10:30hs, mass at the Parish of Our Lady of Begoña; 12hs, Tribute at the Tree of Gernika and Txupinazo; 13hs, Lunch. More information, here.
- Euskaltzaleak in Buenos Aires, July 6th “'Euskal Zonbien Eguna-Basque Zombie Day’ to celebrate San Fermín". Basque Zombie films will be shown Ataun Of The DeadJoxean´s Hil Eben and Napardeath. Event at the clubhouse beginning at 6pm, admission is free and open to the public. More information, here.
-Euskal Sustraiak in Trenque LauquenJuly 6th: San Fermin dinner and a musical show. More information, here.
-Aberri Etxea in Viedma-PatagonesJuly 7th, 12:30hs. San Fermin lunch, everyone is invited to wear white with a read neckerchief, bota and a candle. Complete information, here.

-Laurak Bat in Valencia, July 6th: San Fermin celebration, 12hs, txupinazo; 13hs, 5th Pintxo Championship; 15hs, lunch. More information, here.

-Euskal Etxea in London, July 13th. San Fermín will be celebrated at London Fields, beginning at noon, without Bulls, but with dantzaris, music, fresh cider and mus. Information, here.

Mexico Euskal Etxea, July 6th, San Fermin lunch and celebration. Complete information, here.

More informarion to come

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