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With the release of the “Centennial Micro-site” Zazpirak Bat begins celebrating its first 100 years


Images of the "Centennial Micro-site"
Images of the "Centennial Micro-site"


As announced last year, Rosario’s Zazpirak Bat Basque club will be celebrating its first 100 years throughout 2012. Excited by the historic moment that they get to be a part of, the club’s authorities assure us that no effort will be spared. The program of activities began with the total renovation of the club’s website and the inauguration of the “Centennial Micro-site.” This new page offers, among other things, information on the centennial festivities program and images of the city that it will host Argentina’s 2012 National Basque Week.

Rosario, Argentina.  Under the “100 years of Nationalism” theme the Basques in Rosario are getting ready for many celebrations and festivities.  The schedule of events, includes the following, which will be added to in the future:  April – Aberri Eguna; July – San Ignacio and the official Centennial celebration, and in October the city will dress itself in red, green and white to host the 2012 National Basque Week.

Meanwhile, the club’s board of directors is working dialing to finalize the details of a year riddled with events.  Based on these events, and to facilitate publishing of audio and video of this year’s events, the club has completely renovated its website.  In addition, and thanks to the newest technologies, it has created “Centennial Micro-site” which will become the main source or centennial event information.  It can be accessed from the club’s main website ( or also through

The “Centennial Micro-site” will become a way to communicate between the Basque club and those interested in finding out and participating in the events.  It will include the following sections:

-The City. Information about the city will be included here, as the host of the 2012 National Basque Week.  A video that will provide a virtual tour of the city, will allow visitors to get to know more about its habitants and its architecture.”The idea is that visitors will have some knowledge of the city and its characteristics before coming to the events,” as the club explains.

- The Zazpi.  This will also be a video tour of the Basque clubhouse.

-The People.  This section will present the club in action.  “This section will emphasize that our center is much more than a building; that Zazpi is its people.  Friendly hands always ready to help anyone who needs it.  A smile and a warm welcome, and an open heart that makes each and every one of its visitors feel at home,” explain club members.  This will also be the site of a video that includes various Basque club activities since the National Basque Week of 2007 to the present.

-SNV 2012.  This section presents the Olympic Ikurriña.  Moving images of the symbolic journey of the Ikurriña that moves, by post, among Zazpirak Bat members during the National Basque Week in Necochea that is eventually arrives to the successor organization for the 2012 event.

It’s worth repeating, that all information regarding the Centennial and its celebration events will be available on “Centennial Micro-site.”  The center also adds that anyone who is interested in receiving information directly should subscribe to its Newsletter here:


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