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Madrid’s Basque club creates a network among its members to help youth find jobs and a place to live


Learning Basque at Madrid's Euskal Etxea
Learning Basque at Madrid's Euskal Etxea


Feeling the squeeze of the crisis, Madrid’s Basque club has begun an initiative to help its members, and especially the youth, get through it. It is a simple idea that encompasses one of the original goals of many Basque clubs around the world: solidarity and assistance among members. The “Help Network” created by Madrid’s Basque club will serve two purposes, to help members find jobs or a place to live. The center itself has said that it remains to be seen if they make a difference or not, but for the time being it is much welcomed and is worth a try.

Madrid, Spain.  Madrid’s Basque club published its February activities in its last newsletter and along with projects that have already been launched such as the “Help Network” between members.  This network will serve to support members in the community, especially youth, through the crisis that is currently affecting Spain.

According to the club, the network will begin by helping members find work and a place to live.  In that way, the club will gather and announce job offers to their members, on the one hand, and places to live, or roommate wanted notices on the other.

General Assembly

The newsletter also reported on the member’s General Assembly meeting that was held on January 23rd.  During the meeting the minutes and accounts were approved for 2011, as well as the budget and planned activities for 2012.  Looking ahead, it should be noted that the centers 30th anniversary is being planned for October which will culminate with a Euskal Jaia at El Retiro. The board of directors was also approved which now includes Ignacio Sagarminaga Villanueva who will be replacing Txema Saizar.  The meeting also began with awarding Pablo Beltran de Heredia the Euskal Etxea’s Golden Insignia.

The newsletter also included the winners of the photography contest: Saioa Aldecoa Elosegui, Pedro Berastegui-Sampedro Leon, Rosa de la Fuente Garcia and Itziar Alvarez Egurrola.  Their work may be seen until February 15th at the Basque club.  Following this exhibit, the work of Natxo Arteta will be displayed from February 16-29th.

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