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This Sunday is Aberri Eguna and organizers in Euskadi sent us information on events including some in the Diaspora


Aberri Eguna 2021 poster at the Euskal Etxea in Mexico
Aberri Eguna 2021 poster at the Euskal Etxea in Mexico


Donostia-San Sebastián. Aberri Eguna is celebrated annually in several Basque clubs and communities in the Diaspora, from the Euskal Etxea in New York to Tokyo, via Buenos Aires, Santiago, Caracas, Mexico, London, Montevideo, Madrid, etc.  In a separate article, we provided the panorama of events this year.  At the same time, and more and more normal are the events that are organized in Euskal Herria that also refer to the Diaspora, as happened in this edition with these two calls that just reached our newsroom.

Like last year, COVID19 again prevent holding massive events, so like last year the "Euskal Herria Batera" initiative repeats its invitation for everyone to take to their balconies, down to the square. Last year EHbatera successfully held its 2020 Aberri Eguna celebration on balconies, placing Ikurriñas or Navarrese flags and singing meaningful songs. The following video summarizes this year's event respecting health protocol in force at all times:

​Presentation of Aberri Eguna 2021 by EHbatera 2021. EH Bildu joined in as well

Videos and promotions of Aberri Eguna by Carlos Etchepare from Argentina.

In regards to the EAJ-PNV they announced that a political event will take place on Sunday at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao to commemorate Aberri Eguna.  Due to protocols, its members and supporters and the general public will not be able to attend, but they will be able to follow it on social media.  As every year, they also invite everyone to hang an Ikurriña from their balconies.

Video of the invitation from the EAJ-PNV to celebrate Aberri Eguna 2021

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