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Aberri Eguna 2021 will be celebrated with some in person activities, but mainly virtually in the Diaspora


Some images of 2020 Aberri Eguna festivities in the Diaspora
Some images of 2020 Aberri Eguna festivities in the Diaspora


Donostia-San Sebastian. The pandemic continues to affect the normal activities of Basque clubs around the world; but this does not prevent, however, that they can continue to adhere to the most important dates for their communities, even if virtually.  Aberri Eguna, or the Day of the Basque Homeland is celebrated on Easter Sunday, this year on April 4th, and a number of Basque clubs will celebrate with talks, videos and meetings on digital platforms, food sales, and in a few cases with gatherings at clubhouses.  In the same way, Basque clubs and federations have requested that everyone put an Ikurriña on your balcony or hang one from your window.”

These are just some of the calls made in different countries and Basque clubs:


In Argenitna, many of the clubs celebrate the Day of the Basque Homeland by selling typical Basque or Holy Week dishes.  This is the case at the following clubs Euzkal Etxea in San NicolásLagun Onak in PergaminoEusko Aterpea in Gral. RodríguezZingirako Euskaldunak in Chascomús and Itxaropen in Saladillo.

In the case of the Denak Bat Basque Club in Cañuelas, this year they were not able to celebrate Aberri Eguna with their usual Dantzari Gathering that they have hosted for the last 15 years; instead, this gathering will be celebrated virtually and will now include choir, music and dance

In the province of Cordoba, the Euzko Etxea in Villa Maria invites everyone to their Aberri Eguna lunch with a reduced price on Sunday, April 11th.  Information here. Also the Cordoba City Gure Txokoa made an Aberri Eguna invitation.

There are many other calls all over the country, in Buenos Aires, Necochea, Mendoza, Azul, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Viedma and Patagones...


The  Eusko Alkartasuna Basque Club in San Pablo with create a video containing photos of various Aberri Eguna celebrations held at the Basque club.  The video will be shared on the club’s social media on Sunday the 4th.


Because the city is once again in Phase 1, the Euzko Etxea in Santiago will upload a video to its social media with a greeting from the club. Eusko Etxea in Viña-Valparaíso also made a call.


The Lima Euskal Etxea has prepared a program to celebrate virtually that includes an official proclamation, Basque dance, and conversation: “Expansion of the historical biographical dictionary of the Basques in Peru and of Peruvians of Basque Ancestry,” photo exhibit and a virtual dinner.  The festivities begin at 8pm on Thursday, April 8th.

Trujilloko Euskal Etxea, the Trujillo Basque Club is also celebrating.


In Montevideo, the Haize Hegoa Basque Club reported that they are hosting a talk about the Basque Homeland and an interactive game, both activities being virtual.  Information to participate available here.


The Eusko Etxea in Caracas will also celebrate Aberri Eguna Mass on its social media along with a performance of the Alaiak Choir.  The celebration will be this Sunday, April 4th.


The Basque community in Japan will also celebrate Aberri Eguna.  This year, thanks to a new president, Gari Ortigoza, the Euskal Etxea of Tokyo will prepare a video (see in a separate article).

There are many other places and gathering, real and virtual, some of them combining with the celebration on Saturday night (Sunday early morning in China) of the Copa soccer final between Athletic and Real Sociedad, as members of the Shanghai Euskal Etxea in China reported is their case.

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