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The London Basque Society will program an online talk or event every week until Christmas, join the Euskal Etxea for free


The London Euskal Etxea invites you to its virtual activities, no matter where you live
The London Euskal Etxea invites you to its virtual activities, no matter where you live


London, England. Like many others, the London Basque Society - Euskal Etxea has been obliged to cancell its in person events, and move to the virtual.  Basque classes moved immediately and have been successful on the digital format, but in regards to other activities, they had to completely revisit “the program of cultural events and find interactive proposals and adjust them,” according to Basque club sources that has now presented a new program that includes either an online talk or event weekly until Christmas.

In order to do that, and to facilitate the participation of people, both locals as well as other interested persons who are not residing in London or even in England, the London Basque Society - Euskal Elkartea has now made its membership free.  Yes, participating in the virtual program is now free.  All you need to do is enroll via email for each event and anyone participating in this way will become club members.

Here is the program that begins next week, October events

- Thursday, October 15th: “"Why did the British Library start collecting Basque books from the beginning?" Talk by Geoffrey West, Head of Hispanic Collections at the British Library

- Thursday, October 22nd: “Icelandic and Basque / Canadian Pidgin: In the 16th century, Basque whalers traveled to the North Atlantic and developed a pidgin, a simplified form of communication, to interact with the natives of Iceland and North America”. Talk by Siru Laine and Peter Baker

- Thursday, October 29th: “Historical relationship between Eton Fives and Esku Pilota ”. Eton Fives is a ball game that shares historical roots with the Esku pilota or Basque hand ball. Talk by Gareth Hoskins and Joxemari Mitxelena Cazabon

Talks begin at 7pm (UK time) and the link to join should be requested by emailing Please include your name in the email, as well as your town of resident.  More information, here.

-London Basque Society - Euskal Elkartea (club’s website)

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