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The festivities have already begun, Zazpirak Bat shares the first images of its Centennial with the community


Invitation to participate in the Zazpirak Bat Centennial festivities
Invitation to participate in the Zazpirak Bat Centennial festivities


The celebration of the local Zazpirak Bat Basque Club’s Centennial in Rosario Argentina has begun. The options are many and varied but all have the same goal: to tell the story of the prestigious position that this Rosarian institution has carved for itself over 100 years. The activities will go 'in crescendo' until reaching the climax on October 26-28 with the celebration of the ASrgentinean Basque National Week (semana Vasca) in Rosario. We want to remind you that the centennial dinner will take place at Zazpirak Bat this Saturday in honor of the euskal etxea’s founding as well as its first San Ignacio celebration.

Rosario, Argentina.  The moment has arrived.  The hours of planning, organizing and preparing have past.  Now it is time to enjoy the festivities as well as visit the friends and members of Rosario’s Zazpirak Bat.

A first activity took place on June 29 and consisted of a book presentation Hipótesis de una relación posible (Hypothesis of a Possible Relationship) by Mag. Ma. Fernanda Fignoni, chair of semiotics and linguistics of the school of psychology at the IUNIR. 

Next, on July 14 there was a get together organized at the clubhouse to recall historical events that have echoed, and had relevance in the history of the Basque Country as well as that of the euskal etxea.

On July 14…

“July 14, 1794, the world saw the birth of the French Revolution. Despite the global meaning of the struggle for civil liberties and for the French and the disappearance of arbitrary taxes and privileges, for the Basque Country, specifically in Iparralde, it was a dismal experience; the National French Assembly voted for the abolition of the provincial laws of Lapurdi, and Zuberoa as well as abolishing the title of the King of Navarre,” as explained by Basque club sources.

On the same day but in 1894, the Ikurriña flew for the first time, devised by brothers Luis and Sabino de Arana y Goiri.  On another July 14, but century ago, during the Saint Ignatius of Loyola festivities, a group of Basques living in Rosario founded the Euzko Batzokija – Basque Club – Zazpirak Bat.

Members of the Basque club let us know that in response to requests from the city of Rosario, this get together at the clubhouse was opened to the city so  that the community could also attend and share with the members these historical moments that they are living. 

Art and Basque costumes

On July 19 the sub commission of culture inaugurated a show of plastic art of Basque origin at the Olga Cosettini room of the Bernardino Rivadavia Cultural Center.  The event has aroused the interest of fans, critics and spectators who attended, and endorsed the exhibition with their presence. 

In the aforementioned room, the works of Ana María Recabarren, Beatriz Goyenechea de Tietjen, María Sara de Zuasnabar, Arantza Soraluce, Liliana Zabalúa, María Isabel Abaleron, Rosa Hurtado, Maggy Lezana, Rodolfo Elizalde, Rubén Echagüe, Leónidas Gambarte, Andrés Pascual, Julián Usandizaga and Juan Esteban Lipuzcoa were also exhibited.  It should also be mentioned that the families of Miren Muro de Ferrario, Sara Barrandeguy, Carlos Uriarte and Carlos Otaduy also collaborated in the project. An oil painting entitled “La Trampa” by Mauricio Kaperotxipi was also part of the exhibit. 

As part of the plastic art event, an exhibit of traditional costumes entitled, “Gure Arropa” (our clothes) was also presented with a talk by author Magdalena Mignaburu.

Upcoming activities

On August 2 at 21:00 at the El Circulo Theater, the Provincial Symphonic Orchestra of Rosario will give a concert as part of the Zazpirak Bat Centennial festivities.  The orchestra will be directed by Nicolas Rauss and will perform works of Basque composer Maurice Ravel, who was born in Ziburu, Lapurdi.

On August 4 the Centennial of the foundation and the first San Ignacio celebration will take place, with the following schedule of events:

-9:30am: FEVA meeting 

-15:00: Meeting of dance group directors for Semana Nacional Vasca.

-19:30: Mass in memory of all deceased members at the church of Maria Auxiliadora.

-21:30: Centennial dinner with officials from the province, city and presidents of various euskal etxeas and members.


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