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Paraguay celebrates its Basque influence and announces Semana Vasca II as well as the creation of a new Basque club


The Asuncion Basque club delegation along with other authorities during the tribute to Sebastian Sasiain and Brigida Zubia in San Juan Bautista (photo Rafael Marcial
The Asuncion Basque club delegation along with other authorities during the tribute to Sebastian Sasiain and Brigida Zubia in San Juan Bautista (photo Rafael Marcial


There has been a lot of Basque news from Paraguay lately: the festivities at San Juan Bautista and the Misiones department dedicated to Sebastian Sasiain Zubillaga, a Basque from Leinz-Gatzaga who was honored as part of the local festival as the creator of the “Batiburrillo,” (hodgepodge) a dish that over time has become a genuine representative of the cuisine of the area, the creation of a new euskal etxea in that part of the country, as well as the organization of a second edition of Semana Vasca in Asuncion. The Paraguayan Basque Week will begin on October 22. It will be attended by the Delegate of Euskadi in the region, Elvira Cortajarena, and it will include an exhibit on Gernika and a commemoration for the Day of the Statute.

Asuncion, Paraguay.  Representatives of the Jasone Basque club in Asuncion attended the events that took place on July 7 in San Juan Bautista, almost 200 kilometers away in the Misiones department.  The occasion was a tribute to the couple comprised of Sebastian Sasiain Zubillaga and Brigida Zubia Erostarbe. It had originally been planned for the weekend of San Juan, the local patron saint, but was moved to this date due to the grave events that happened that week in the country.  This couple came from Gipuzkoa in 1926 to settle in San Juan Bautista where they made a considerable contribution to the cuisine of the region that was called “Batiburrillo” (Hodgepodge) a dish that is identified today as an integral part of everyday life and the local tradition and symbolizes popular cuisine of the area, attributed to Sasiain and Zubia.

The Basque club delegation was lead by its president Hector Izaguirre, and vice-president Arturo Sasiain, who were the recipients, as representatives of the honorees native country, of many shows of affection, and recognition of the positive legacy left by Basque immigrants in the area, a legacy that continues today through their descendants. There were also Sasian-Zubia descendents in attendance, together with the governor of Misiones, Arturo Martinez, Deputy Hugo Capurro and the Bishop of the diocese Mario Melanio Medina as well as other authorities. 

New Basque club in Paraguay

The event as well as the participation of members of the Jasone Basque club resulted in the announcement of the creation of a new Basque club, the second in the country, in San Juan Bautista, a project that has excited many locals.

But the good news from the Basques in Paraguay doesn’t stop here. As a result of the contacts and the series of virtual meetings with the Delegation of Euskadi to Argentina, Brasil, Uruguay and Paraguay, Hector Izaguirre, as president of the Jasone Euskal Etxea and Elvira Cortajarena, Euskadi delegate for the area, have confirmed that Asuncion will organize a new edition of Paraguay’s Semana Vasca (Basque Week), in October 22-25, 2012.  The program, organized with the collaboration of both entities will include the inauguration of the exhibit “Bombing of Gernika, 75 Anniversary” and the commemoration of the Day of the Statute on October 25.

Basque Week in Asuncion October 22-25, 2012

The exhibit on the 75 anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika will open to the public on Monday the 22 at the Juan de Salazar Cultural Center in Asuncion.  In the days to follow there will be a concert by Basque singer Joseba Gotzon, as well as a touristic presentation of Euskadi to local tourism professionals, as well as the commemoration of the anniversary of the Day of the Statute of Gernika, according to Basque Government resources.

The act of the founding of the new euskal etxea in San Juan Bautista will also coincide with these events that will be attended by Euskadi Delegate Elvira Cortajarena along with Basque club authorities from Asuncion and distinguished members of the local community. 


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