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The Euzko Etxea in Necochea holds elections and now includes new young arms and minds on its Board of Directors



Necochea, Argentina. The Euzko Etxea Basque Club in Necochea held its General Assembly on July 2, 2021, that included, among other orders of business, board elections, and the new board was formed on July 7th, Kiti Zubillaga, club president commented enthusiastically to on its new members.

“We changed treasurer and secretary due to the excess workload of the outgoing officers, we wanted to provide an opportunity to several young people: Mili Muguerza, Iñaki Bilbao and Juanchi Stafforte, with whom, together with the experience and permanent disposition of Esteban Dabadie, who returns, will form a very active group,” she pointed out.

“We thank the outgoing members for their work and dedication and we welcome our new members with gratitude and with open arms. Among us all, we will be able to improve our Basque club,” she concluded.

The new board is comprised of the following:

-President: Cristina Inés Zubillaga
-Vice-president: María Aránzazu Zubillaga Zubillaga
-Secretary: María Emilia Muguerza
-Pro-secretary: Juan Bautista Iriberri
-Treasurer: Iñaki Bilbao
-Pro-treasurer: Óscar Alberto Zugazua

-Director: Maite Bilbao de Ustaran
-Director: María Belén Irungaray
-Director: Joseba Bilbao
-Director: Javier Martín Iturralde
-Alternate: Esteban Dabadie
-Director: Martin Facundo Aguirre
-Director: Ignacio Esnaola Azcoiti
-Director: Alfonso Ardanaz

-Auditor: Juan Leoncio Iriberri
-Auditor: Juan Manuel Ibarguren
-Alternate: Javier Orte

-Titular Jury: Mirta Leonor Garrido
-Titular Jury: María Verónica Iturralde
-Titular Jury: Manuel Leoncio Irungaray
-Alternate: Juan Andrés Stafforte

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