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Ihes Jokoa: an interactive game created by the Gau Eskola at the Bordeaux Euskal Etxea for this time of pandemic


An interactive game for Basque students available on the Bordeaux Euskal Etxea website
An interactive game for Basque students available on the Bordeaux Euskal Etxea website


Bordeaux, France. The Bordaleko Euskal Etxea has made a big effort to remain active, during this very complex year with Basque classes.  The second quarantine at the end of October of last year, obliged all classes to move online, and towards the end of the course, in June when quarantine was lifted, they were finally able to hold some in person gatherings.  Patrick Urruty, Director of the Gau Eskola, explained to that with the idea of recovering motivation and brining students together in disperse groups, they created "Ihes Jokoa" (escape game).

It is an interactive game that involves escape accessed through the Euskal Etxea’s website.  Through a series of tests passed by answering questions, a code is obtained that, if correct, allows you to “open” a chest and win the game.  Before starting, a level of Basque is chosen: A1, A2 or B1.  There are four tests and they gather material fabout various Basque club activities, which allow us to get to know it better, along with the geography and customs of the Basque Country, as well as videos made by the students themselves.  It also reviews grammar and comprehension content seen during the school year.

Basque classes were almost the only thing that remained active at the Basque club during quarantine.  The Gau Eskola maintains a constant number of students, year after year, between 70 and 80, divided into eight groups.  The creative idea of ending the school year with the “Ihes Jokoa” has turned out, says Urruty, a very useful and appropriate tool. “The students worked together to take the tests very enthusiastically,” he said.

The game is available for anyone wishing to play, alone or with a group (maybe with your Basque class), to test your knowledge of Euskera in a dynamic and fun way.  To play click here.

Zorionak and thank you for sharing!  

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