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Basque storyteller Joxemari Carrere participates in this year’s “I Love Stories” festival in Bogota


Storyteller Joxemari Carrere (photo
Storyteller Joxemari Carrere (photo


The international festival of narrators “I Love Stories” is being celebrated in Bogota Columbia, from the October 1st through the 8th, in which Gipuzkoan storyteller Joxemari Carrere is also participating. This is the eleventh edition of the festival which brings writers together from Columbia, Costa Rica, Mexico and the US, along with Carrere. The Basque presented his show “Todo lo que se nombra existe. Los vascos en el País de las Maravillas” (All that is named exists. Basques in Wonderland), by which he seeks to convey a piece of Basque oral tradition to this Caribbean country a truly unique opportunity for the local Basque community.

Bogota, Columbia.  This week international narrators and storytellers will gather in Bogota for the 2011 “I Love Stories” festival. The festival began last Saturday and will continue through this Saturday the 8th.  In all 35 storytellers will participate, the majority of which are from Columbia but also there are some from Costa Rica, Mexico and the US.  Along with them is Joxemari Carrere, the only European representative. 

Festival participants will offer 75 performances. Carrere performed on Saturday and again yesterday, he will also perform new shows tomorrow, the day after, and on Friday the 7th.  To get the complete program, click here.

Joxemari Carrere was born in 1963 in Pasai Donibane, Gipuzkoa but has lived in Renteria since 1965.  He entered the world of theater at the age of 16, and in 1993 he first performed as a storyteller.  He currently combines the two and has created numerous storytelling shows that include other Basque musicians and artists.  He has acted in the Basque Country and abroad, with performances in Paraguay, Portugal, Venezuela and Cuba among others.

-For more information on Joxemari Carrere, click here


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