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Semana Vasca in Necochea closed with a banquet for almost 1,000 people and saying “See you in Rosario” (and 4)


Sunday morning dances: One of the nicest photos from Semana Vasca (photo
Sunday morning dances: One of the nicest photos from Semana Vasca (photo


After a year of waiting, Semana Vasca came and went in a blink of an eye. There are many things that you can do during a short time at the most compelling festival in the Diaspora. Dancing, music, sports, and seeing friends…and when it’s just getting good, it’s time to say good-bye, and then starts the countdown for the next get together. In Necochea, the farewell took place at the Danish College, on Sunday afternoon, after mass and dancing in the plaza. The lunch gathered nearly 1,000 diners that also included officials from the Basque Government as well as local institutions. Throughout the meal, the Basque club awarded gifts and prizes to the winners of the competitions.

Necochea, Argentina.  On Sunday, after mass, the Plaza Dardo Rocha, decorated in red, green and white was ready for the arrival of the dancers, who had also participated in the morning’s events, such as laying a wreath at the foot of the Gernika oak sapling, and the danborrada, they then positioned themselves in the plaza to dance some of the typical Basque dances. 

With the summer-like weather helping, the delegations made their way to the Danish College at noon to participate in the closing ceremonies.  Basque Government and Basque club representatives, attended the lunch, along with Josu Legarreta Bilbao, ex-director of Relations with Basque Collectivities from 1986-2009, a huest who came after his presentation in Tandil.

Throughout the meal, the hosting club gave presents to the musicians and dancers from the Basque Country, along with FEVA who also awarded prizes to the winners of the various contests that took place at Semana Vasca. 

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 02

[Ikurriñas were positioned in front of the church under a radiant sun (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 01

[The youngest also participated in Sunday’s events. They showed their Basque dancing talents by dancing Ipurdi Dantza (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 04

[Felipe Muguerza, greated the delegations at the Danish College and thanked everyone for coming.  Julian Celaya, Ricardo Basterra and Elivira Cortajarena were among those joining Muguerza at the head table (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 03

[Necochea’s Basque club gave presents to the entertainers.  Pictured, Jose Maria Abad receiving a blue neckerchief from the Basque Club (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 05

[Without a doubt, this was a very special festival for the recently founded Basque club in Puerto Madryn.  At its first semana vasca without their inspiration, the Etorritakoengatik dancers faced their sadness and did their best to dance in the plaza.  During the lunch, members of the board of directors gave a present to the Euzko Etxea president, that now sponsors the Etorritakoengatik dancers.  Pictured, Fleipe Muguerza showing the plaque that was presented. (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 06

 [The Aukeran Dantza Konpainia not only took away presents from the center but also the emotion, applause, and love from the Argentinean audience (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 07

[And the Drindots brought the Basque “romeria” to Necochea.  During their two wonderful concerts, the musicians from Goierri had everyone dancing and singing traditional Basque songs as well as rock and roll (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 08

[The Semana Vasca Necochea 2011 logo was also chosen by means of a contest.  The winner was Santiago Agustin Mari Felizia.  His mother received the prize on his behalf, featured at the right of the photo (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 09

[Several groups tried their skills and strength at the games on the beach on Friday but only one got first prize (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2010 010

[Contest prizes in Euskera were also awarded during the banquet.  The first prize student group, called “Barnealtxor,” was awarded to Maria Echevarne, Guadalupe Garcia, Celeste Girasole and Rosa Misciagna from the Eusko Kultur Etxea in Buenos Aires (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 011

[The first prize teacher group, called “Nene” was awarded to Nidia Abaddie, from Haize Hegoa in Montevideo Uruguay (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 012

[The first prize in the individual teacher category also went to Haize Hegoa in Montevideo.  The winner was Andrea Bella who participated as “Mikatxu.”  Pictured, Andrea, with her daughter Mika, Teresa de Zavaleta and Carlos Bilbao (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 013

[In the youth poster contest, the first prize went to the Escuela Ikastola- Necochea who went by “Azul Ultramar,” and its 7 and 8 year old students: Tomás Rodríguez, Julián de France, Agustín Fesler and Tobías Jensen.  They worked on a rural sports theme featuring weight lifting.  Second place went to Julieta Gallinotti and María Milagros Franco, also from Necochea’s Ikastola between the ages of 6 and 7 years old.  Their nickname was “Otoño” and their theme was the Basque house.  Prizes were received by their teacher Angeles Zubiri (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 014

[As every year, the 2012 Euskera class announcements from FEVA will include the poster winner.  In this case it is Pablo Cufre, a teacher at Gure Ametza in Rio Cuarto (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea IV 2011 015

[And Necochea 2011 ended, with the lunch having barely ended, in sadness and everyone hurrying to get on the road home.  Nevertheless, between good-byes, there was still time for a few more Fandangos (photo]


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