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Donostia-San Sebastian. With 2020 already here, our newsletter has once again reached the change of the year.  “You are kaskagorrak (stubborn/persistent)!” a friend told us on December 24th, reminding us that despite our economical troubles, this newsletter continues to add years, against the wind and the tide, true to the commitment made to the Diaspora and with its readers back in 2001.  It is possible that this kaskagorkeria (persistence/stubbornness) is our best "virtue", or at least one that has proven to be fundamental to have gotten us here.

Without further ado “Happy New Year” to all our dear readers!

We only want to add, that as every year at this time, we won’t publish during the month of January, and this time we will return on Friday, January 31st.  We will update the agenda and other sections and we will use this time to carry out administrative work and internal tasks that we can’t get to throughout the year due to lack of time.

Thank you again for being there!  Remember, we’ll be back on January 31st!

(We will also take advantage of this opportunity to clarify, in response to the comments and questions that we have received by several, that the news published on December 28th entitled, “For the first Time Mus will be an Exhibition Sport at the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles,” was an “inuxentekeria/inocentada,” or joke.  The article was prepared by and sent to us by a reader and we decided to publish it.  These kinds of jokes are a traditional custom in Spain on December 28th, Day of Innocent Saints, much like April Fool’s Day in the States prompting the publication by dailies and other media of made up news, that may exaggerate or shock. We try to include some clues so that it wouldn’t be taken seriously, but we are sorry if it bothered anyone.  Thank you for your understanding).

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