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Members of the Madrid Euskal Etxea provided their voices to the film “Erase una vez en Euskadi,” by Manu Gomez


Basque students at the Euskal Etxea in Madrid recording in the studio
Basque students at the Euskal Etxea in Madrid recording in the studio


Madrid, Spain. During this september days when Donostia is intensely experiencing the 69th edition of its Zinemaldia (SSIFF, San Sebastian International Film Festival,) on Wednesday “Once upon a Time in Euskadi” debuted by Basque director, Manu Gomez (Arrasate, 1973). The film tells the story of the 80s in the Basque Country from the gaze of the four children who star in it.  What perhaps few know, is that students and the Basque teacher from the Euskal Etxea in Madrid participated in the film.

Producers of the film were looking for Basque speakers in Madrid who could provide voices and so they were put in touch with Ane Bastida, Basque teacher at the Euskal Etxea and actress.  The film is primarily filmed in Spanish, but they wanted to include Euskera in secondary scenes and shots.  That is where students made their contribution, who met in a recording studio to give voice to the script by Manu Gomez.

Official film trailer

“It was a very enriching experience for us,” Ane Bastida told  “Not only the advanced level students, but the beginning level students also joined in enthusiastically.  There were longer texts and other shorter ones, so everyone was able to participate in this activity that gave them a different possibility to speak Basque outside of class. There was a written script to follow, but they were also able to improvise and the director was very satisfied with the result.”

“Once upon a Time in Euskadi,” will debut in theaters at the end of October and then will be able to be screened at the Euskal Etxea where the director will be invited to attend to share the experience with the entire community.

Zorionak to the Euskal Etxea’s Basque teacher and students alike!

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