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Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu presents the new HanHemen Basque Global Network platform


“Much more than social media, HanHemen is a digital space to connect the Basques around the world”
“Much more than social media, HanHemen is a digital space to connect the Basques around the world”


Vitoria-Gasteiz. One of the novelties presented on the Basque Diaspora Day 2021 in Gasteiz was the announcement by Lehendakari Urkullu of the HanHemen Basque Global Network . Although it was more of an announcement, or a first public step, the project already has its own active website, which can be visited to see how it is presented and defined and what its characteristics, plans and objectives are.

This is an initiative of the Secretary General of Foreign Action that was presented as “a digital initiative that hopes to connect the Global Basque Community,” “a platform that hopes to support interaction in a dynamic and collaborative form, bringing those that comprise it closer together.”

Video of the presentation

With two versions right now, in Basque and Spanish, it is born “as a new space to relate, interact, and collaborate, from various experiences and putting people at the center.”  The ingredients to achieve this interaction and communication “will be to actively listen and participate openly, and assure that everyone who wants to be part of the community are included.”

He chose to announce it on the Day of the Basque Diaspora. In fact, the Diaspora was defined as a subject and key element "the people who are part of the Basque Diaspora, and all those people who at one time or another and for different reasons have to travel and need information or share experiences.”

The project arises "to consolidate itself in the medium long term" and announces that it will require "the complicity of the Global Basque Community". For now, it has already made an appearance in the world through its website and its presence on the most significant social networks, FacebookTwitterInstagram.

You can already register, or ask for more information.  To do so, fill out this form.

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