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Have you tried EiTB’s apps? Stay up to date with the news or content apps created by the Basque Public TV


No matter where you are, staying up to date and completely informed is easy with the new EITB apps
No matter where you are, staying up to date and completely informed is easy with the new EITB apps


Bilbao, Bizkaia. Have you tried to enter the EiTB website and delve into its contents from wherever you are in the world?  EiTB Media has launched two new apps this year, EITB Albisteak (news), and EITB Nahieran (on demand programs), both in Basque and in Spanish that have replaced the previous app.  These work with iOS and Android, smartphones as well as on tables.  Both are available from the Play Store, or the Apple Store.

The news app, EITB Albisteak includes an informative cover and the classification by sections with texts, audios, videos and photos, including “Kirolak,” (sports), and “Eguraldia” (weather.  It is also possible to see the latest news broadcast “Gaur Egun” in Basque or “Teleberri” in Spanish.

The EITB Nahieran app (on demand) provides all of the radio and TV programs aired on EiTB.  TV contents are searchable and grouped by language and genre.  Radio contents are in order by station and program.  You can also make a “My List,” a personalized selection of your favorite radio and TV programs.

Both apps provide contents in Euskera and Spanish, as well as user-friendly navigation.  You can also subscribe to news alerts with the news app, EITB Albisteak, as well as notifications about radio and TV programs with the on demand app, EITB Nahieran.

With these new apps, EITB now has a total of five apps.  The other three are also available on Play Store and Apple Store and are “Gaztea,” for youth; “3kluba” (HIRU3), for children, and “Go!azen EITB”, for children and youth who follow the series by the same name.

To download from the Play Store: AlbisteakNahieranGazteaHiru3Go!azen EITB

To download from the Apple Store: AlbisteakNahieranGazteaHiru3Go!azen EITB

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