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HABE’s Euskara Munduan will assist with Basque classes in 75 Basque clubs during the 2012-2013 term


Murcia Basque club president, Unai Sanchez Doral with Iñaki Uribe of HABE, after signing their agreement (photo HABE)
Murcia Basque club president, Unai Sanchez Doral with Iñaki Uribe of HABE, after signing their agreement (photo HABE)


HABE recently closed the call for assistance for Basque classes at the club level and has announced that during the 2012-2013 school year that classes will be given in a total of 75 Basque clubs worlwide. This translates into more than 22,000 teaching hours to nearly 2,000 adult students to which another 1,000 kids could be added. HABE has budged 230,000 Euros for Basque classes as part of its Euskara Munduan program. It is worth mentioning as well that another club joined this year: the Zazpiak Bat Basque Society in Vancouver, Canada.

Donostia-San Sebastian. HABE, as part of the Euskara Munduan program, has closed the call for aid for euskera classes in Basque centers during the academic year 2012/13. As a result of the call HABE will sign 28 agreements with as many euskal etxeak and Basque federations.

Iñaki Uribe, director of HABE, told that this year they "have agreed to subsidize all of the hours requested.  Over the last few years, due to well-known budgetary restraints, we haven’t been able to increase the number of teaching hours, but we have maintained them.  Today, the goal is to maintain the current activity, since we don’t have the resources to increase the aid.”

Signing of Agreements

At the end of November, Uribe met with some of the directors of Basque clubs in Murcia, Valencia and Quart de Poblet (Valencia, Spain), where he signed the corresponding agreements of collaboration.  He visited these centers along with Kinku Zinkunegi, technician responsible for the Euskara Munduan program.  On November 27 they were at the Murcia Basque club where the agreement was signed by Uribe and Unai Sanchez Doral, club president.

HABE Valentzia Euskaltzaleok 2012

[HABE representatives Iñaki Uribe and Kinku Zinkunegi, witht the board of directors of the Euskaltzaleok in Valencia (photo HABE)]

On November 28 another agreement was signed with Euskaltzaleok in Quart de Poblet, represented by its president German Eiguren, and finally on November 29, another was signed with the Centro Vasco Navarro in Valencia represented by its recently elected president, Juan Jose Dorronsoro.


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