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From Cordoba, the Gerora Association is a reference for traditional Basque music and instruments in the Diaspora


Next Basque music and instruments courses and workshops by Gerora from Cordoba, Argentina
Next Basque music and instruments courses and workshops by Gerora from Cordoba, Argentina


Córdoba, Argentina. Since its beginning in 2010, the Gerora Basque Cultural Association in Cordoba has worked to disseminate all Basque cultural expressions.  Its activities related to the language, literature, dance, song, film and gastronomy give an account of this.  But without a doubt, music has been one of the most important pillars for this institution to make itself known and to make the most typical and oldest instruments, with their corresponding sounds and rhythms, known outside the Basque Country.

It was at the heart of its Music Workshops at Gerora that in 2018 the group “Lurra eta Haizea,” was born comprised by Fernando Zalbalza and Santiago Chamorro that is in charge of its txistu and Basque flute workshops for the Association.  “We chose the name 'Lurra eta Haizea,' land and wind alluding to percussion instruments and txistus and flutes," Fernando Zabalza explained. It was also this duo that paid tribute to Gerora last year on its 10th anniversary with the album Chisturi Social Club.

Gerora-FEVA workshops

Thanks to Gerora and through FEVA, the musicians of 'Lurra eta Haizea,' have embarked this year on providing online workshops that have been attended by a large number of fans from different countries.  The first workshop was on Txistu-Basque Flutes, and Danbolina-Tamboril “With a broad approach to the presence of these instruments in South and Central America, and in Europe, focusing on Euskal Herria." explained the people from Cordoba. In this workshop they enjoyed the collaboration of Noé Fernández.  

As part of the workshop offerings through Gerora and FEVA “Lurra eta Haizea,” will teach a series of meetings, all virtual, this time on the “Homemade Building of Basque Instruments,” since they are both luthiers in their own right.

[Video by “Lurra eta Haizea,” for the 2021 Anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika]

Gerora’s offerings on Basque traditional music also include Txalaparta and Alboka.  Gaspar Jaurena and Agustín Alonso will teach these workshops that are also open to the public in the month of August (Txalaparta) and in September (Alboka).

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