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August begins in the Diaspora celebrating San Inazio and will conclude with Basque festivities in San Francisco


Basque festivities at the Basque Cultural Center in San Francisco at the end of August; and in Saint Pierre et Miquelon mid-month
Basque festivities at the Basque Cultural Center in San Francisco at the end of August; and in Saint Pierre et Miquelon mid-month


Donostia-San Sebastián. August turns out to be a 'rare' month each year, as it is the quintessential vacation month in Euskal Herria. In the Diaspora, it begins by celebrating San Inazio this year tomorrow Saturday 31 and Sunday 1. Touched by the pandemic. In the Diaspora, San Ignacio - or San Inazio, Iñaki Deuna ... - is linked to numerous festivities that are organized in honor of this Basque saint from Azpeitia. It is undoubtedly a date marked in red on the Basque calendar in the Diaspora, after Sanjuanes and Sanfermines.

We mentioned the San Inazio festivities in Boise in a previous article.  In Argentina we find renowned celebrations of San Ignacio, in Arrecifes, which precede the creation of the local Basque club itself, the Euskaldunak Denak Bat, which turns 100 this year (Zorionak!). And the Iñaki Deuna in Necochea festivities, among many.

Don’t forget mass organized by the Laurak Bat Basque Club or the Juan de Garay Foundation in Buenos Aires, as well as several other Basque clubs all over the country, as we were reminded by the Azul club as well as that in Comodoro Rivadavia. In Chile, that is also the tradition in Santiago and Viña-Valparaíso. For over a decade the Colectividad Vasca in Chile Basque Club has organized a Basque Week to celebrate San Ignacio, as we related a few days ago; an event that will include the online participation today of some 13 choirs in Argentina, Chile, and Euskal Herria. It used to be traditional a Iñaki Deuna gathering between the Eusko Etxeas and Basque communities of Santiago and Viña-Valparaiso in Casablanca, as the oldest will remember.

In some other places San Ignacio mass (not Boise's) can also be followed online.  For example, the mass Aita Antton will celebrate this Sunday from California  with Boise and San Inazio in mind.  Or that celebrated in Santiago, Chile from the San Ignacio Chapel in the Spanish Stadium with the Colectividad Vasca de Chile and its Basque choir, as part of the aforementioned Basque Week celebration. Members of the Eusko Etxea in Caracas will also have Iñaki Deuna present at its monthly mass, complete with singing "Inazio gure patroi haundia."

Throughout the month of August, there will also be picnics and events celebrated in the summer in the US, this year with some online, but the majority of which will be in person following health protocols. Let's mention the Euskal Lagunak Basque Association's Basque picnic in Mountain Home as well as at NABO Kantari Eguna, which is virtual this year as Gardnerville had to cancel their picnic.  In mid-August 9-15, there will be Basque festivals in Saint Pierre et Miquelón, in Newfoundland area. On August 14th they will celebrate the Andre Dena Mari Besta in Buffalo, Wyoming, and on the 15th the Colorado Euskal Etxea will hold its picnic.  To conclude the month the Basque Cultural Center  in San Francisco will hold its picnic on august 28th and 29th, this year in conjunction with the 2021 NABO Convention.  All of course if the pandemic doesn’t change things.

Sorry if we missed your gathering, and email your information to

September will begin with the Chino Basque Festival, in California on Labor Day Weekend.

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