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Argentina: filming of “El Vasco” announced to begin on August 30th with Morrison, in Cordoba as the main location


Poster for the film “El Vasco,” Basque Argentine co-production
Poster for the film “El Vasco,” Basque Argentine co-production


Villa María, Argentina. announces in previous articles the beginning of the filming of El Vasco (The Basque) a film by Basque producer Pausoka, in coproduction with the Argentineans at Oest Films and Prisma.  With this goal, this Monday, August 2nd the film’s director, Jabi Elortegi; director of photography Jon Sangroniz, and Telmo Esnal assistant director will arrive in Argentina.

With a cast headed by the Basque actress and actor Itziar Aizpuru and Joseba Usabiaga; and the Argentines Eduardo BlancoInés Efron and Laura Oliva, the film will be shot mainly in the province of Cordoba, in Morrison –located about 40 minutes from the city of Villa María– where, among other settings, they will set up "an euskal etxea," "a club" and "the interior of Amona’s house," as Pauoka told this bulletin.

After filming for three weeks in the province of Cordoba, including the participation of members of the Euzko Etxea Basque Club in Villa Maria, the team will travel to Mendoza where they will film for another week.

Even if the main cast has been chosen, -- doný forget that  main characters Aizpuru and Usabiaga arrive on August 17th and 19th -- the production team continues working on casting some characters that will be played by members of the Basque community in Argentina.

“It has been very difficult, but we are finally starting,” the director of projects at Pausoka, Xabi Zabaleta, told “After four weeks in Argentina, we will film for another week in the Basque Country, specifically in Bermeo, Bizkaia.  That will be in October we hope, since we’ll need the true Basque climate for the film, [clouds and drizzle],” Zabaleta joked.

Euzko Etxea in Villa María

Without a doubt, the Basque clubs that is most involved in the project is the Euzko Etxea in Villa Maria.  This week they welcomed Daniela Bestard Pou, the Director of the films production, at a meeting with representatives from the club at the clubhouse in Villa Maria.

[Members of Villa Maria Euzko Etxea's board of directors with Daniela Bestard Pou, Director of Production for El Vasco (photoEE)]

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