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Euzko Etxea in Necochea celebrated the 80th anniversary of the beginning in 1939 of today's traditional “Alegre Despertar”


'Alegre Despertar' 2019
'Alegre Despertar' 2019


Necochea, Argentina. While the 15th edition of Hator Hona is developing as successfully as hoped, the Necochea Basque Club celebrated San Ignacio yesterday with the 80th “Alegre Despertar” or "Goizeko Esnatzea" (joyful awakening) in the club’s history.  Beginning at 7:30am, a large group of members and officials, along with dantzaris, musicians and Hator Hona participants traveled the streets of the city to the rhythm of the trikitixa and pandero, to visit older members of the club. After the tour, they paid tribute to Gral. Mariano Necochea, to Angel Murga and to the Tree of Gernika.  The tour was very lively and even included local media who uploaded many photos and videos of the visits to social media.

You can listen tabout the origin of "Goizeko esnatzea" or “Alegre Despertar” firsthand, told by one of its creators, Francisco Zubillaga Iturralde to a local radio.

[Basque Dance at city hall on San Ignacio 2019]

[Tributes as part of the 2019 San Ignacio celebration]

Throughout the day, San Ignacio was celebrated with mass, garlic soup Betoño style, and at night with dinner at the clubhouse.  The club would like to remind everyone that the big San Ignacio lunch will take place this Saturday beginning at 9:30pm.

15th Hator Hona

There is no doubt that this year's San Ignacio celebration was special. It is also true that it was part of the 15th Hator Hona program that began on Monday July 22nd.  The program included music, dance Euskera, and gastronomy workshops for young and old.  There have also been film screenings and Kiti Zubillaga, club lehendakari, along with members and friends also unveiled a commemorative plaque for this the 15th anniversary of this very successful exchange program.

The program also continues this week with a triki-poteo, MIntzodromo, San Ignacio celebration and the Hator Hona farewell on Sunday, August 4th.

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