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Since last weekend, Basque clubs and communities all around the world are celebrating Saint Ignatius


San Ignacio 2019 in the Diaspora
San Ignacio 2019 in the Diaspora


Donostia-San Sebastián. Born in Loyola, Gipuzkoa, Saint Ignatius is the patron Saint of Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia and his feast, July 31st, is historically celebrated by a large number of Basque clubs around the world.  Even if it is not an official holiday, except in Gipuzkoa and Bizkaia, it is marked on the calendars of many Basques, and clubs dedicate space for religious ceremonies and celebrations.

Since the 31st of July is in the middle of the week this year, many Basque clubs celebrated last weekend, while others will celebrate today, or next weekend and beyond.

Among the clubs that celebrated last weekend, we can mention those in Boise, Idaho, or the one in Mexico City.  The “San Inazio” celebration, in fact is the major Basque celebration in the capital city, and we have already reported on this in a separate article.  In Mexico City, San Ignacio is one of the traditional Basque club celebrations, as you can see and follow listening the traditional hymn “Inazio gure patroi haundia” in the video below, a song that could be heard on this day at celebrations around the world.

Mexiko Basque club yesterday: Singing "Inazio, gure patroi haundia..."

The following list doesn’t pretend to be exhaustive, but it reflects part of the celebrations in the Basque Diaspora.  If you would like us to add activities in your club, please email us

These are some of the events for today, July 31st in the Diaspora that have reached our offices:


-Gure Txokoa in Azul: at 6pm, screening of Ignacio De Loyola: Soldier, Siner and Saint, followed by snack with hot chocolate at the Euskal Etxea. More information, here
-Laurak Bat in Buenos Aires: 7:30pm, Mass in remembrance of all members who have passed away at the Del Salvador Church (Avda. Callao 592). Festivities will continue on Saturday the 3rd with a concert by Lagun Onak and on Sunday with San Ignacio Lunch. More information, here.
-Juan de Garay Foundation in Buenos Aires: 7pm Mass in the Church of San Ignacio, Bolívar 225
-Euskal Echea in Comodoro Rivadavia: Mass in honor of the saint at the Cathedral San Juan Bosco at 7pm
-Eusko Etxea in Corpus Christi: Celebration in Corpus Christi will begin with mass at 10am followed by lunch
-Euzko Etxea in Necochea: 2019 San Ignacio program will begin today with the following activities: 7:30hs, Happy Awakening; 11:30hs, greeting by authorities and wreath laying at the Gral. Mariano Necochea and to Ángel Murga; Tribute at the Tree of Gernika at 7pm, mass at the Parish of Santa Maria del Carmen at 9:30pm, dinner with garlic soup Betoño style. San Ignacio dinner will be held on Saturday August 3rd. Information, here


-Euskal Etxea in Madrid: at 8pm at the Church of San Ignacio (Calle Príncipe 31), accompanied by the Basque Choir of Madrid

Sunday, August 4th

-Euskaldunak Dena Bat in Arrecifes: San Ignacio lunch at 12:30 with dancing, demonstration of activities and show by Gustavo Peralta. Information, here.
-Zazpirak Bat in Rosario: the local Euskal Etxea will celebrate San Ignacio and its anniversary with dancing in the Gernika Plaza with Gure Haziak and Gaztedi Zutik beginning at 11:30am, lunch at the clubhouse at 1pm. There will also be dancing during lunch.


-Eusko Alkartasuna in San Pablo: San Ignacio lunch at 1pm. More information, here.


-Euzko Etxea in Santiago: There will be mass at 11am at the Church of Reverendas Madres Agustinas; a pilota exhibition at noon at Euzko Etxea and at 1pm there will be dance and choir performances by the club’s groups with lunch served at 2pm.


-Euskal Etxea in Caracas: Mass and performance by the Alaiak Choir along with the choir from the Centre Català in Caracas.

Sunday, August 18th

-Euskel Biotza in Roldán: Basque dance, public dance and soka tira at the San Ignacio lunch organized by the Basque club.  Events beginning at 12:30 at the parochial sports complex. More information, here.

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