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EuskalKultura cancels the English edition of its bulletin and begins a period of reflection about its future


Last week’s cover and news section of including one of its last English editions
Last week’s cover and news section of including one of its last English editions


Donostia-San Sebastian. EuskalKultura has made the difficult decision to cancel the English edition of its bulletin. Last week’s will be the last one for now. A decided militant commitment to Basque culture and the Basque Diaspora have been hallmarks of EuskalKultura from its inception, without making the economic aspects the priority (because if not, we would surely not have even started the EuskalKultura project).  In the end, a big mistake, because we have never had an institution, sponsor or patron behind us to absorb the deficits that cultural projects usually enjoy. The aid we do receive from institutions, although appreciated, cannot guarantee our continuity.

To start with, the English edition of our newsletter.

This year, we celebrate 20 years online.  And we have been dragging for a long time.  Willing but not being able, working without means.

Beginning now, and through the end of the year, we will go throught a process of reflection about our future and the prospects of continuing the project it, as well as about its financing.

If you would like more information or you would like to share your ideas, opinions, comments and contribuite, write us at

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our English subscribers, for being there, reading and supporting our project all these years.  We will see where this ends up, but as the Basque proverb says, "Gaizki esanak barkatu, eta ondo esanak gogoan hartu" (Forgive what we said incorrectly, and remember what we said well).

Eskerrik asko.

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