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Do you want to perform at Basque clubs? Take advantage of the call for cultural tour grants in the Diaspora


Gose performing at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center last November with the help of cultural tour subsidies
Gose performing at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center last November with the help of cultural tour subsidies


If you are a Basque artist, musician, dancer or performer, and have thought about showing your work in the Diaspora, then this may be your opportunity to make your dream come true. Or if you are member of a Basque center that would like to host a performance from the Basque Country, d'ont hesitate. In just a few weeks the call for grants for 'cultural tours' will be published (on March 14th, the program will be allocated 60,000 Euros) and the matter now is how to reach and get in touch both Basques artists and Basque clubs. Let's see if can help you in that purpose.

Donostia-San Sebastian. is ready to serve as a bridge between Basque artists and the euskal etxeak, and provide a virtual forum in which to propose performances or seek entertainment for cultural activities during 2012.  Every year we hear from people who have missed the deadline, or didn’t know how to reach Basque artists or Basque clubs to apply for the annual Basque Government grants for cultural tours.  This year’s grant call will open on March 14th, and now is the perfect time to establish contacts and explore possibilities of organizing a tour.

The groups or artists themselves should apply for the grant, but it is essential that one or more Basque clubs be on board to host the activity.  That is why we are offering this opportunity for groups to submit their proposals, on the one hand, and for clubs to provide information on what kinds of activities and dates they are interested in on the other. 

Tours should take place during 2012 and grants are used to pay for travel expenses.  This year’s budget totals 60,000 Euros (last year’s was 90,000 Euros).  Some of last year’s grant recipients were the group Gose, singer Anari, dance group Aukeran, and the rowing associations of Ur-kirolak and Itsasoko Ama, as well as the Xarnege musicians and the Kulunka Theater group.

If you would like to share your proposal, include it in the 'Add comment' section, at the end of this article, or email it to (we will try to get in touch with the Basque club or artist or group in question).  We invite Basque clubs to do the same and to report on the activities that they would like to host.  This is a new experience, let’s see how it works.


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