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Do you speak Basque? Would you like to be part of a Basque-Argentine co-production in Argentina? Casting details


Poster for the film “El Vasco” a Basque-Argentine co-production
Poster for the film “El Vasco” a Basque-Argentine co-production


Donostia-San Sebastián. After a break imposed by the complex pandemic situation, things have begun moving on the movie “El Vasco,” (The Basque). Produced by Basque producer Pausoka, in coproduction with Argentine companies, Oeste Films and Prisma, it is preparing for filming on set in Argentina and starring Basque actors Itziar Aizpuru and Joseba Usabiaga; and Argentineans Eduardo Blanco and Inés Efron. In the pre-production phase, they are looking for secondary roles actors/actresses in Argentina who are capable of acting in Euskera.

Filming will take place during the month of July and part of August in the provinces of Cordoba and Mendoza. Anyone interested in being part of the film should email a presentation video in Basque to

Moving again

The filming of “El Vasco,” was expected to begin in May of 2020, and after five weeks of filming in Argentina, the team would move to the Basque Country, to the coastal town of Bermeo (Bizkaia) for one more week.  Due to quarantine, the project had to be postponed and has now established new dates for the same locations.

Let's remember that the film “tells the story of the adventures of Mike, a Basque that hates ‘Basqueness’ and decides to immigrate to Argentina with the ‘bad luck’ to arrive in a community of Basque descendants that continue living the traditions of their ancestors with great passion.”

As published before, in addition to the participation of those chosen as part of the cast, there will also be dantzaris from Basque clubs in Villa Maria (Cordoba) and Mendoza who will also be part of the film.

-More information about the film, here
-Interview done by with Eduardo Blanco about his participation in “El Vasco,” here

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