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#denaketxeanchallenge, proposed dantzaris in the Diaspora; join in from your city and country without leaving home


Dantzaris in La Plata created #denaketxeanchallenge
Dantzaris in La Plata created #denaketxeanchallenge


La Plata, Argentina . Just a couple of weeks ago, we had an agenda that was full of activities, many of those concerning dantzaris.  For reasons that we are all aware of, all have now been canceled or postponed until further notice. "But why quit dancing," they asked from the Diaspora in Argentina.  As with every other challenge that we face in life, this quarantine, with all that it implies, needs to be faced head on.  And what better way to do so than dancing? 

Following an initiative of youth in the Denak Bat Dance Group at the Euzko Etxea Basque Club in La Plata, dantzaris from various Basque clubs launched #denaketxeanchallenge (everyoneathomechallenge). The idea is for a dancer to do part of a dance and nominate another dancer to do the same, who would then nominate another, creating a fun and informal community dance, above all without leaving home and everyone taking care of themselves. 

The challenge began on Thursday and already has some 30 participants from Basque clubs in Argentina, for now mainly in Argentina, in places and Basque clubs like the ones in La Plata, Rosario, Villa María, Buenos Aires (Laurak Bat and Euskaltzaleak) and Paraná. In addition, with the special participation, according to Loli Basilico from the La Plata Basque club, of some former dantzaris who are grateful for the initiative ... also to highlight that a couple of videos for now also came from Euskal Herria. You don't have to be part of a dance group to participate, you only need the desire to participate dancing.  

[El #denaketxeanchallenge started by dantzaris in La Plata.  And this is only the beginning!] 

How do you do it? It's simple!  Just make a video of yourself doing your favorite Basque dance and upload it to stories with the hashtag #denaketxeanchallenge and tag @denakbatlaplata. Then tag two of your friends and nominate them to continue the challenge.  Come on and let's keep dancing from home and from every corner of the world!


  • Muchuca

    i will dance a old dance

    Jeanne Berterretche (California, USA), 03/22/2020 19:10

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