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Delegate Sara Pagola, explained the case of “Euskadi and its reactivation without leaving anyone behind” in Cordoba (complete video)


Image taken during Sara Pagola’s presentation
Image taken during Sara Pagola’s presentation


Cordoba, Argentina. At a Zoom meeting coordinated by the Delegation of Euskadi in Argentina-Mercosur and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mining in the Argentine province of Cordoba, Delegate Sara Pagola participated in the Series “Dialogues for the Internationalization of the Province of Cordoba,” with the presentation “The Basque Country in Motion: Reactivation without Leaving Anyone Behind.”

In her presentation, Pagola spoke about the "Basque experience based on R + D +Ii (research, development and innovation), intelligent specialization, digitization and internationalization of companies as elements of competitiveness," highlighting territorial and social cohesion in each of these points.

The online conference also included the participation of journalist José Busaniche who served as its moderator; the Undersecretary of Regional Integration of the Government of Cordoba, David Urreta; and the representative of the Basque Country in Argentina, Sara Pagola.  Prior to Pagola’s presentation, a video by SPRI "Big Little Basque Country,” was shown (see the video below).

[Complete video of Sara Pagola’s presentation.  Follow the instructions to watch it on Facebook]

it should be noted that on October 22nd, the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mining in Cordoba, Eduardo Accastello, and the Secretary of Regional Integration, Jorge Montoya, held a virtual meeting with Delegate Pagola and the director of Basque SPRI, Aitor Cobanera.  During the meeting, they agreed to consolidate a space for technical cooperation to strengthen business competitiveness form the public sector in the province of Cordoba.

-Delegation of Euskadi on Facebook, Delegación de Euskadi en Argentina-Mercosur

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