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Bahia Blanca: Weekend program for Semana Nacional Vasca 2019, November 8-10



Bahía Blanca, Argentina. The weekend has finally arrived for Semana Nacional Vasca 2019 in Argentina. The program is vast with members of the Union Vasca Basque Club in Bahia Blanca participating along with friends of the club and volunteers from the whole Basque community.  The effort, excitement, commitment and dedication of many people is the motor behind what will be experienced during these last three days, through the last minute of the farewell luncheon and closing ceremonies.

Here is the program for the final three days:

Friday November 8

-8hs, Delegate Reception and breakfast 
-12: 30hs, Delegation lunch. Place: Soler 444 (150 meters from the Basque Center)
-15hs, Screening of the movie Dantza with its director, Telmo Esnal, and dantzari and musician Gari Otamendi. Place: Bahía Blanca Plaza Shopping, Av. Sarmiento 2153
-15hs, Recreational activity / Basque for young people. Place: Bahía Blanca Plaza Shopping, Av. Sarmiento 2153.
-16: 30hs, Dance workshop by Gari Otamendi, Patxi eta Konpania and Aitor Alava. Bahía Blanca Plaza Shopping, Av. Sarmiento 2153.
-19hs, Meeting of Basque club choirs with the participation of the Ganbara Choir from Oñati.
-21hs, Dance, recital by Xabi Aburruzaga, entertainment by Patxi eta Konpainia, participation of musicians from Basque clubs.

Saturday November 9

-8hs, Delegations reception and breakfast.
-10hs, FEVA meeting. Welcome by Basque Government Authorities.
-10hs, Dance Directors Meeting.
-10hs, Choir Directors meeting.
-10hs, Meeting of Basque Libraries.
-10hs, Mintzodromo.
-12: 30hs, Delegation lunch. Place: Soler 444 (150 meters from the Basque Center).
-17: 30hs, gathering before the kalejira, in front of the Euskal Etxea, on Lamadrid Street.-18hs, Kalejira.
-18: 30hs, Tamborrada in front of the Town Hall. Place: Alsina 65.
-19hs, Artistic evening with the participation of all the Basque clubs. Place: Teatro Gran Plaza, Alsina 170.
-21hs, Dance, recital by Xabi Aburruzaga, enterntainment by Patxi eta Konpainia.

Sunday November 10
-11hs, Mass with flag bearers. Place: Bahía Blanca Cathedral, Sarmiento 55.
-12hs, Plaza dances. Place: Bahía Blanca Town Hall
-14hs, Basque Week 2019 ‘120 Years closing lunch. Basque language contest award presentation. Place: Rural Society of Bahía Blanca.
-17: 30hs, Delegation Farewell.

More information here Union Vasca.

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