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An Argentine website provides a database of immigrants who came to the country during the 19th century


Shot of the site’s Facebook page
Shot of the site’s Facebook page


Through Antzinako, the association of genealogists in the Basque country, were found out about that gathers more than 300,000 registries of immigrants who went to Argentina during the 19th century.  The work of gathering and publishing this data online, was done by volunteers who are genealogy fans. 

Donostia-San Sebastian.   The website:, provides online registries of more than 340,000 immigrants who arrived in Argentina in the 19th century, including, of course many Basques.  The site is the result of work done by a large group of Argentine volunteers who are genealogy fans, and who have dedicated themselves for several years to this task.

The search system is simple and accessible: all you have to do is include the last name of the person you are looking for and the search engine provides the information, including the person’s origin, the year they came, and the boat they arrived on….In some cases, it also includes a photo from the original registry where this information is kept.

This search can be very useful for those wishing to do their family trees, in Argentina who are looking for their origins, as well as those in the Basque Country looking for information in a family member who immigrated.  Thanks to Antzinako for letting us know about this resource.

The website:
They are also on Facebook.

Finally, a video presentation of the project: 

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