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“Astronomos Vascos,” (Basque Stargazers) a play about a family from the perspective of Documentary Theater


Poster for “Astrónomos Vascos”
Poster for “Astrónomos Vascos”


The work in the lineup in Argentina.  Through a series of slides and a letter, and using the principles of observing the cosmos, seeks to reconstruct the history of a family in Argentina of Basque origin, under the assurance that “all stories are interesting, because every family holds the key to understand the secret of love, procreation, ultimately, of the human species.” “Astronomos Vascos” (Basque Stargazers) can be seen starting on Friday at the Excentrico de la 18º Theater in Buenos Aires. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Created through Documentary Theater, “Astronomos Vascos,” puts an astronomer and two researchers on stage. They seek to find the occult secrets of a series of photographs taken during a trip to Europe in the early 70s, found last year in the garbage in the Balvanera neighborhood in Buenos Aries.  The researcher, that hopes to find out the reason behind this trip of this Basque family of Mar del Plata, and above all to make sense of why this material ended up in the garbage. It is performed “on the basis of the principles of astronomy and familiar constellations.”  

The essence of “Astronomos Vascos,” is investigating the family identity, and not the Basque identity.  Nevertheless, as its director, Adrian Pascoe, told, “the images transmit very deep Basque feelings in the family, a strong relationship with the pride of belonging, and what is gathered was that this Basque-Argentine family was returning to the homeland for a family reunion.”

“The work is the result of research, since finding this material in the garbage, which has great value to me. I wanted to find the origin and the story contained in these images of this family that did not excel into history for any special memorable act, but still should not be ignored because every family holds the key to understating the secret of love, procreation, and ultimately of the human species,” he concluded.

The cast selected by Pascoe is comprised of: Edgardo Ibáñez, Karmen López Franco and Aitor Miguens.  “Along with these are other artists from Mexico, Spain, Peru and Argentina together forming the theater company “The Investigations,” that tries to tell theater stories using new narrative resources and ways.  This group of Documentary Theater is based in Buenos Aires because we chose the capital city to develop our professional training.  Here we have also produced “Mi única fe” (2013) and “El joven elefante” (2014)”, the Mexican director said.

“Astronomos Vascos,” can be seen in Buenos Aires every Friday at 9pm at the Excéntrico de la 18 Theater, located on Lema Street 410.  It will be part of the lineup through August 12th.  Tickets can be purchased here.

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