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Aberri Eguna 2021 in the Diaspora: peppered with in person events, with the majority taking place online


Aberri Eguna 2021 in the Patagonian province of Chubut
Aberri Eguna 2021 in the Patagonian province of Chubut


Donostia-San Sebastián. The Day of the Basque Homeland was celebrated last Sunday, Easter Sunday, in many places in the Basque Country and the Diaspora.  The difference from 2020’s commemoration, that was entirely virtual, is that this year there were some Basque clubs who held smaller in person events outside.  In the context of the pandemic it is difficult to know what's happening or how it is evolving, however, the response to these invitations was not at all lukewarm.

Once again, we do not intend to provide an exhaustive report, but to offer some examples to illustrate what occurred on that day.  We are leaving many events behind but know that more information will continue to trickle in from many other clubs and events that will be included in future articles.  However, with 200 Basque clubs in the world, we have to at least try to group and summarize it all.

As usual, Argentina was the country with the most number of events.  Among these was the Euzko Etxea in Necochea who laid a wreath at the local Tree of Gernika.  With more participation that in prior years, in the words of president, Kiti Zubillaga, the event presided by the club’s mayor, “Cacho,” Carricart began with an Aurresku that was followed by singing “Gernikako Arbola,” in front of the true that grows there.

[Aberri Eguna 2021 in Necochea, next to the Tree of Gernika]

At the Gure Etxea Basque Club in Tandil there was also an event at the Tree.  There the club’s president, Cecilia Lejarreta addressed those present and the Gure Abestiak Choir performed some of its repertoire.

[Baques in Tandil at their Aberri Eguna event]

Without leaving Argentina, the Ongi Etorri Basque Club in Magdalena celebrated with a small stand where members, including president, Ana Maria Ondarcuhu, talked about the significance of the date.

[Aberri Eguna stand in Magdalena]

In Patagonia, members of the Northeast Chubut Basque Club posed with the flag from Argentina and the Ikurriña in front of the Basque mural inaugurated last year.

[Members of the Northeast Chubut Basque Club in front of the Basque mural at the clubhouse]

Food sales have also become a way of celebrating and there are several Basque clubs who held such events.  Among many Basque clubs that celebrated by “preparing typical Basque dishes, or Easter dishes,” sukaldaris from the Itxaropen Basque Club in Saladillo were especially happy to relight their ovens.

[Sukaldaris in Saladillo at the Euskal Etxea]

The Aberri Eguna celebration coincides with Easter Sunday and for several reasons, some Basque clubs celebrate during the entire month of April.  This year is no exception.  Following an agenda of activities in the coming weeks.

The Denak Bat Basque Club in Cañuelas will celebrate with a virtual event that will include the choir music and dance.  The event is scheduled for April 10th.  In the province of Cordoba, the Euzko Etxea in Villa Maria invites everyone to its Aberri Eguna lunch at a reduced price on Sunday, April 11th.  Information,


The Euzko Etxea in Valparaiso- Viña del Mar invites everyone to a talk by Daniel Oholeguy on Saturday, April 10th beginning at 7pm.  This will be on Zoom and is open to the entire community.  More information, here. The Euzko Etxea in Santiago usually celebrates on the following Sunday from Aberri Eguna, while the Basque Community in Chile placed a banner on its social media and is inviting everyone to a talk this Wednesday.  More information, here.


The London Basque Society will celebrate with a talk online “The Basque Government in Exile,” by Iñaki Goiogana on Thursday, April 15th at 7pm.  To participate please request the link by emailing


The Lima Euskal Etxea has prepared a program to celebrate virtually that includes an institutional pronouncement, Basque dance and discussions: “Expansion of the Historical Biographical Dictionary of Basques in Peru and Peruvians of Basque ancestry, photo exhibit and virtual dinner.  More information, here.

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