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Basque journalism in the Diaspora: listen here to 2020 online interviews from the “Presencia Vasca” radio program


Today the program has returned to the studio, but COVID-19 brought many obstacles with it in 2020 that with desire, effort and determination were overcome. In the image, interview with Toti Martínez de Lezea
Today the program has returned to the studio, but COVID-19 brought many obstacles with it in 2020 that with desire, effort and determination were overcome. In the image, interview with Toti Martínez de Lezea


Paraná, Argentina. They have been working for longer than 3 decades broadcasting weekly uninterrupted from Paraná, in the province of Entre Rios.  It is called Presencia Vasca (Basque Presence) and shares information, music, news, interviews and editorials, all focused on the Basques, their culture, country and Diaspora, for an hour every Sunday. Thanks to the internet, today it is enjoyed all over the world.  Founded by Raul Alcain, now run by his grandson, Federico Borras Alcain, who is a lawyer today.  The Presencia Vasca from Paraná is the fruit of commitment, enthusiasm, perseverance, professionalism in broadcasting, and the spirit of volunteerism, the real reference in regards to Basque radio programs in the world.

There are many occasions that we have mentioned Federico Borras on over the years and his work leading the team every Sunday that produces Presencia Vasca.  The program can be enjoyed live, but many of its interviews and contents are also available to return to at any time on the internet.  In this article, we provide links to programs aired in 2020 with Basque or Argentine people in regards to topics that unite both countries and the Diaspora.  The program is conducted in Spanish.  Take a look and listen because they are worth it.

Under the direction of Federico Borrás, the 2020 programs included as part of the crew the participation of Santiago Erguy, intervention of columnists Mikel Ezkerro (from Buenos Aires) and Iñaki García Uribe (from the Basque Country) and technical operations provided by Patricio Rodríguez

Presencia Vasca 2020 Interviews (audio)

Programs broadcast since the beginning of the course March 2020 through December of this year.

Gontzal Mendibil (2020-03-22). Basque singer-songwriter

Benito Lertxundi (2020-04-05). Basque singer-songwriter

Olatz Zugasti (2020-04-26). Basque singer-songwriter

Gorka Knörr Borràs (2020-05-10). Basque singer-songwriter. Delegate of the Catalonian Government in Madrid

Arantxa Anitua (2020-05-10). President of the Laurak Bat Basque Club in Buenos Aires

Juan Antonio Urbeltz (2020-05-24). Anthropologist and Basque folklorist - Parte 1

Juan Antonio Urbeltz (2020-05-31). Anthropologist and Basque folklorist - Parte 2

Julio Flor (2020-06-07). Writer and Basque Journalist

José Joaquín Saldias (2020-06-14). Director of the Basque Chair of Free Thought in La Plata (UNLP)

Mariana Dominé Irigoyen (2020-06-21). Singer and leader of the group Maral from Arrecifes, Argentina

Gorka Álvarez Aranburu (2020-06-28). Director of the Basque Government’s Basque Community Abroad

Óscar Álvarez Gila (2020-07-05). Historian, History Professor at the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU)

Xabier Saldias (2020-07-12). Singer and alma mater of the group EGAN 50 years after its creation

Aritz Ibáñez Lusarreta (2020-07-12). Dantzari from the Duguna dance group in Pamplona

Arantxa Anitua (2020-08-02). President of FEVA, Federation of Basque-Argentine Entities

Eduardo Crespo (2020-08-09). Film director. Argentine participant in the official section of Donostia Zinemaldia 2020

Gontzal Mendibil (2020-08-16). Singer, tribute to Jose Maria Iparragirre on the 200th anniversary of his birth

Lourdes Herrasti (2020-8-30). Osteo-archaeologist, part of the Arantzadi team that identified the remains of the Giant of Altzo

Gorka Hermosa (2020-09-06). Composer and Basque accordionist

Joseba Gotzon (2020-09-06). Basque singer-songwriter. Launch of his single 'Urrundik' coinciding with Day of the Basque Diaspora

Jesus Maria Alegria Urtiaga "Pinttu". Founder and President of Musicians without Borders

Sergio Eguiazu (2020-09-27). Former president of the Rio Cuarto Basque Club in the province of Cordoba, Argentina

María Elena Etcheverry (2020-10-04). President of the House of Basque Culture, Eusketxe (Buenos Aires). Tribute to Doctor Miguel Ángel Etcheverry, who discovered the presence of RH negative in the blood of the Basques in 1945

Sabin Bikandi (2020-10-11). Director of Aiko Taldea, creators of the first digital Basque dance school

Toti Martínez de Lezea (2020-10-18). Basque novelist

Joseba Azkarraga (2020-10-25). Spokesperson from Sare. Former Minister of Justice in the Basque Government

Marcos Tedin (2020-11-08). Basque student from Argentina, winner of the video contest on Hamaika Telebista

Jorge Riani (2020-11-08). Argentine journalist. Author of the book "El Imperio Del Quijote" (The Empire of Quijote)

Rafa Molina (2020-11-15). Promoter of the Comahue Basque Club and the “Entre Vascos” (Between Basques) radio program

Federico Van Lacke (2020-11-29). Argentine Basketball player, based in Donostia-San Sebastián

Garbiñe Iztueta (2020-12-06). Director for the Promotion and Diffusion of Euskera at the Etxepare Basque Institute

Gontzal Mendibil (2020-12-06). Basque singer-songwriter. Tribute to Xabier Lete, ten years after his death

Iñaki Anasagasti (2020-12-20). Former representative of the Basque Nationalist Party (PNV) for 30 years in the Spanish Parliament

Presencia Vasca can be heard every Sunday from 11:00am-12:00pm local time, or 4pm-5pm in Euskadi, on the LRI 365 University Radio (105.7 Mhz), on the station of the National Technological University (UTN), Regional Paraná, or live online on

The aforementioned interviews and more from Presencia Vasca can be enjoyed on the Ivoox repository

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