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400 people attended the Udaleku last performance, hosted in Chino together with the Mus National Tournament


Group picture of Udaleku 2009 participants (download it if you want)
Group picture of Udaleku 2009 participants (download it if you want)


"Udaleku is always a big undertaking, but this year for the Chino Basque Club it became even more with 101 participants! It strained our resources, but we bent but did not break. On the same day that we concluded the camp with a final performance, we also had there the NABO Mus tournament. There were almost 400 people in attendance last Saturday. So July 11th was NABO day in Chino with these two events." John Ysursa explains to his NaBasque newsletter suscribers how Udaleku worked this year in Chino, California.

John Ysursa/Chino, California. Udaleku is a two-week Basque culture summer camp, where kids ages 10-15 have a chance to learn more about their Basque heritage.  The guiding principle is associating something positive in the minds of the children with Basque things, where they can learn and have fun at the same time.  We went with the motto of Basques ¨working hard, and playing hard.¨ The highlights included productive days of class where kids rotated from Euskara, Txistu, Culture, Cooking, Pala, Mus, Txalaparta and tambourine, but then also games and activities including twice to the beach and Disneyland. 

This year´s camp was novel for the participation of two women from the Basque federation of clubs in Argentina that is called FEVA.  Our two federations are endeavoring to work on some projects together, to share resources and enthusiasm.  Udaleku being one of NABOs best programs because of the success of connecting Basque youth, this has been offered as a template to other Basque communities at various world Basque congresses.  The thinking was to really learn what it was about, it was best to take part.  Thus Miren Arozarena and Gabi Mendia of FEVA made the trip to Chino from Buenos Aires, and they were part of a fine team of instructors and aides.

Acknowledges: Mila esker

The Chino Basque Club is not large with 130 members, so a task like this was quite an undertaking.  Several key Chino people emerged to tackle the huge logistical challenges of hosting the 101 kids.  Maite Maisterrena coordinated the housing, Jeanette Duhart charted the transportation and finances, and Sandra Gamboa and Jenny Ysursa coordinated the meals.  They are the first ones to acknowledge the assistance that emerged from numerous volunteers without whom Udaleku could not function.  Thanks go out to participants (it was a good bunch of kids), host families, drivers, cooks, cleaners and instructors.  The volunteers made a huge difference in making this camp a success. Mila Esker!

Next year Udaleku will be in Reno, Nevada has NABO and its host clubs continue to provide an avenue of connecting kids to their Basque heritage.

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