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The application period for the Aita Martxel Tillous NABO Youth Aid Fund will conclude next week


Aita Martxel Tillous NABO Youth Aid Fund (photo
Aita Martxel Tillous NABO Youth Aid Fund (photo


In an effort to ensure that an interested Basque child/youth is not left out of an activity because of lack of funds, the Aita Martxel Tillous NABO Youth Aid Fund was established after NABO’s last business meeting in Reno, NV. Initially the fund began with seed money transferred from other NABO funding sources, but since then the fund has grown thanks to generous donations on behalf of individuals and several empathetic Basque clubs and organizations. The application deadline is March 20, 2009.

Reno, Nevada, USA. The fund was named in honor of Aita Martxel Tillous who served Basques in the American West for 14 years from 1994 to 2008.  Aita Tillous taught txistu and singing to hundreds of kids at every Udaleku (kids’ culture camp) during his stay.  He also was not daunted by the huge distances that would have to be covered to perform a wedding, baptism, funeral or picnic mass.  Aita Martxel is the last Basque chaplain sent to the US from the Diocese of Bayonne; a service that the Basques in America have enjoyed since 1961 when Aita Jean Leon Luro arrived. 

The NABO youth aid fund will be awarded strictly based on need, and application will require a copy of last year’s Federal Tax information.  Only Grace Mainvil, NABO secretary, will be aware of applicants’ identities.  Applicants’ privacy will be preserved and the selection committee will not be privy to any information other than that needed for them to reach a decision.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome by April 1, 2009 in order to allow them ample time to make necessary plans.

For a complete list of all NABO youth opportunities and to download the application, check here.

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