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Traveling Basque Film returns, with new titles and renewed energy leaded by specialist, Carlos Gabilondo


Carlos Gabilondo at the Donostia Film Festival in 2017
Carlos Gabilondo at the Donostia Film Festival in 2017


Buenos Aires, Argentina. After taking just over a year off, the project that opened an important opportunity for Basque film in Basque clubs and cultural institutions in the Basque Diaspora in Argentina returns this weekend.  Carlos Gabilondo, project creator and director, told that the schedule through the end of the year “filled up quickly,” from requests from various clubs.  The first stop will be tomorrow, July 20th in San Miguel, organized by Askatasunaren Bidea with the fillm Pagafantas by Borja Cobeaga (see here). The schedule in San Miguel will continue through November with a showing once a month.

In regards to other upcoming dates, Gabilondo will be at the University of Jose C. Paz on August 22nd, with Toki Eder, for a talk on current Basque film and gender identity: on August 23rd at Euskaltzaleak in Buenos Aires he will present Igelak Frogs) by Patxo Telleria.  He is in contact again too with clubs in Chivilcoy, La Plata, Trenque Lauquen and Chacabuco, and will reestablish films series at each.

Collaborations and novelties for this new stage

Besides presentations at Basque clubs, Gabilondo told that he is currently collaborating with the radio program Entre Vascos at the Comahue Basque Club, and will also return to the Raíces Vascas radio program next month in La Plata.  This new stage will also include participating in the La Plata Basque club’s magazine Eguzkia.

In Gabilondo’s words, “this is a desired return, whose intensity has really excited me.  It includes some new features, such as the incorporation of the gender perspective and, for example, offering Kinki Cinema, recently claimed in Donostia Tabakalera, and the incorporation of productions that have not yet premiered in the Diaspora. The spirit of Traveling Film will remain the same: the screening of a short film and a long one, with free admission, and at no cost to the participating Basque clubs or cultural institutions.”

-You can contact Gabilondo here:

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