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The Valparaiso Basque Club elected Eñaut Gereñu as its new president and invites everyone to its General Assembly on October 6th


The exterior of the Eusko Etxea in Valparaiso in Viña del Mar
The exterior of the Eusko Etxea in Valparaiso in Viña del Mar


The Extraordinary General Assembly of the Valparaiso Eusko Etxea, in the Fifth Region of Chile, has elected a new board with Eñaut Gereñu Mujika as its president. He is accompanied by Gonzalo Arrellano, vice-president; Sandra Travieso, treasurer; Juan Manuel Olaechea, pro-treasurer; Beatriz Arizaga, secretary; and Lorena Espinosa, pro-secretary, among others.

Viña del Mar, Chile. Luis Archibaldo Uriarte, historic member and club president for the last 21 years, told club members that he would be stepping down due to health reasons in a note dated June 10th which was presented at the General Assembly in his absence.  Those present debated the situation and held elections for a new board that is now comprised by the following:

  • President: Eñaut Gereñu Mujika
  • Vice-president: Gonzalo Arellano Bastìas 
  • Treasurer: Sandra Travieso Torrezuriz
  • Pro-treasurer: Juan Manuel Olaechea Beñaran
  • Secretary: Beatriz Arizaga Cristóbal 
  • Pro-secretary: Lorena Espinosa Zunzunegui
  • Directors: Lucy Lafuente Indo, Mary Andonaegui Arancibia. Claudio Echeverría de la Barra, Ángel García Mendiburu, Pedro Lorenzo Arraztoa Ancizar and Juan Olaechea Ancizar

The new board will convene a General Assembly on Friday, October 6th ad 7pm at the Eusko Etxea (Quillota 135, Viña del Mar). The agenda will including the introduction of new members of the board; a review of the finance report and the club’s current situation, as well as proposals for the upcoming celebration of Euskararen Eguna, International Day of Euskera.

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