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The Urrundik Association and the “Presencia Vasca” radio program in Parana celebrated their anniversaries with music, dance and literature


Urundik’s 19th anniversary and “Presencia Vasca’s” 29th
Urundik’s 19th anniversary and “Presencia Vasca’s” 29th


Parana, Argentina. The lunch to celebrate the 19th anniversary of the foundation of the Urrundik Association and for the 29th anniversary of the radio program “Presencia Vasca,” took place on May 5th in the hall at the Circulo Hotel in Paraná.  The festivities included a large number of invitees including Professor Mikel Ezkerro and Cristina Arregui, President of the Zazpirak Bat Basque Club in Rosario who also attended as FEVA’s representative.

According to Urrundik, “The event was very enthusiastic and joyful, and the audience was especially excited by the raffles, as well as the dance performance by the club’s dancers, as well as a Tango number performed by Alejandra Alcainandy Fabián Vega, as well as the voice of the narrator, Miriam Galizzi.”

As is customary, there was no lack of national folklore thanks to Juan Carlos Borras and Oscar Giles. The anniversary celebration also was graces by a special performance by guitarist Hernando “Pico” Rubio, the winner of the 2017 Cosquin Festival.

Event photos available, here.

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