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The Liberoamerika Platform proposes young writers in Euskal Herria and the Diaspora to publish their works


An invitation from Liberoamerika to young writers from Euskal Herria, and the Diaspora or anywhere in the world
An invitation from Liberoamerika to young writers from Euskal Herria, and the Diaspora or anywhere in the world


Donostia-San Sebastian . The Liberoamerica project that is already active in Argentina and Euskal Herria, (where it functions as Liberoamerika) aims to unite different cultures and languages with special emphasis on feminism, experimentation and diversity, through the publication and dissemination of works by young creators. In 2020 they published the anthology Izotzetan islatuak and in this newly begun 2021, Liberoamerika announces an invitation to publish literary works to young writers in Basque. 

Since its creation, two years ago, the project has evolved, and in Euskal Herria has done so thanks to the support  of its promoters, Leire Alonso Allué, Iosune de Goñi and Ane García, and can also be found on Twitter and Instagram. This invitation is aimed at young writers, in Euskal Herria, and the Diaspora who write in Basque and want to publish their works, when these requirements are met: 

1. Original literary works in Basque not previously published may be submitted 
2. Written by authors under the age of 30, whatever their nationality, origin or place of residence
3. The works will have a minimum of 40 pages and a maximum of 80, written in Times New Roman 12, and double spaced
4. The writer has the freedom to choose literary genre, theme and style. But the goal of the call is to publish innovative literature, works that break with traditional literature will take precedence, be they collections of poems, short narratives, poetic prose, diaries, intertexts, hybrid works, experimental literature...
5. Submissions must be emailed to, along with the a brief biography in a separate document
6. Although the idea is to publish individual works, collaboratively written works will not be excluded
7. The selected works will be published by Liberoamerika and author rights will be paid to the writer as usual 

-Read the details of the call (Basque) here (Basque)
-Liberoamerika on Twitter: (Basque) 
-Liberoamerika on Instagram: (Basque) 
-The international Liberoamerica project: (Spanish) 

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