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The descendants of Francisco Eguiazu, who emigrated to Argentina from Bergara, will gather for the first time in Entre Rios, Argentina


Great-grandparents Juana Segundo Eguiazu and Manuel Alejo Eguiazu, who had a dairy in Victoria
Great-grandparents Juana Segundo Eguiazu and Manuel Alejo Eguiazu, who had a dairy in Victoria


The event will take place October 14-15 in the city of Victory, where Francisco Eguiazu Ibarzabal settled in 1860, and where his family was raised.  The idea for the reunion came from Sergio Eguiazu, one of the Francisco’s great-great grandchildren who currently lives in Rio Cuarto, but who has insisted that the gathering take place in Victoria as a way “to return to their roots.” “The main thing,” Eguiazu said, “is to break the ice, and know that we are more Eguiazu than we imagined, and basically to honor our elders.” 

Victoria, Argentina.   Motivated by recovering the past and linking future members of the family, Sergio Ramon Eguiazu, well-known figure in the community as a member of the Gure Ametza Basque Club in Rio Cuarto, having served as its president for two years, and currently serving as its treasurer, is currently working with his cousins, Maria Marta in Victoria and Daniel in Resistencia organizing the first Eguiazu Family Reunion in Argentina.

The reunion will take place October 14-15th and will be attended by cousins traveling from Resistencia (Chaco), Dolores (Buenos Aires), Buenos Aires, and Rafaela, Villa Constitución, Rosario and the city of Santa Fe (Santa Fe) as well as from the city of Victoria in the province of Entre Rios.  Choosing the place was not a coincidence.  In the words of the organizers, “the Eguiazu branch we are descendants of were originally from Bergara.  On a trip to the Basque Country I found the baptism certificate of my great-great-grandfather, who was the one who came to Argentina and settled in Victoria.”

“His name was Francisco Eguiazu and we know that he married Angela Azpe and came to Argentina around 1860.  We don’t have the exact dates; but his daughter, my great-grandmother, Juana Segunda Eguiazu Aspe, was born in Victoria in 1867.”

All of this information was gathered by Sergio himself who immediately dedicated himself to creating a family tree that he has continued to today’s generation. Eguiazu stressed that the collaboration of Ana Maria Esain was indispensable in this task.

At the reunion, the main goal will be gathering members of various branches of the family so that they can get to know each other, as well as share information about their various family trees to create one big one. They will also communicate, via Skype, with an Eguiazu who will greet his cousins from the Basque Country and a souvenir parchment will be presented to everyone attending.  According to Sergio Eguiazu, “the idea is to get together, meet each other and honor our elders.  We are all getting big and it is good to create occasions to celebrate.  Al of this, of course, in a Basque atmosphere that will also include an Ikurriña,” he proudly affirmed.

Anyone wishing to contact the Eguiazus in Argentina for more information, or to attend the event can do so via email:


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