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The Basques in Viedma invite clubs from around the world to participate in its literary activity “Stories from the Diaspora”


Poster for “Stories from the Diaspora”
Poster for “Stories from the Diaspora”


Viedma, Argentina. As part of the activities that will be held in September to celebrate Immigrant Day and the Basque Diaspora Day, the Aberri Etxea Basque Club in Viedma and Carmen de Patagones, invites Basque clubs from all over the world to participate in its literary activity, “Stories from the Diaspora.’  Basque clubs will be able to participate with “one or more works related to Basque culture and carried out by writers with, or without, a literary experience, as long as the participating clubs endorse and recognize their representativeness,” club sources explained.

Regarding the criteria for participation, the genre of the text may be short story, micro-story, self-referential, testimonial, or a fictional story. The theme must address “facts with a historical basis that refer to the memory of an immigrant and (…) their experiences form the space of the Diaspora.”

Works should be written in Spanish, although they must include some works or expressions in Euskera; they should be unedited works.  The deadline to submit is August 24, 2021 by emailing Rules, here.

Celebration of Basque Diaspora Day

Texts received by the club will be published on September 8th, the date when Basque Diaspora Day is celebrated.  At a virtual activity, the authors of the works will be invited to present a brief summary of their writings, as well as comment on what motivated them to present them and on their Basque feeling from the Diaspora.

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