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Stands to promote activities at the Concordia Basque club that will hold its first annual dinner this Saturday


Members of the Basque Community of Concordia Basque club after Aberri Eguna mass
Members of the Basque Community of Concordia Basque club after Aberri Eguna mass


To promote the Basque club’s activities, the Concordia Basque Community will have monthly outings on the Plaza 25 de Mayo in the city where their cultural stand will introduce the club’s proposals, and various aspects of the history and the actuality of Euskal Herria.  Along with this news, the Euskal Etxea also invites everyone to its first monthly dinner that will take place this Saturday, May 7. 

Concordia, Argentina.   The Concordia Basque Community has organized two activities this year to celebrate the Day of the Basque Homeland.  The first was held on Aberri Eguna, March 27, and included a dance performance in front of the San Antonio Cathedral in Padua.  The performance was held after Easter Mass, where the Ikurriña was present, and dances like: “Neskatxena,” “Lakartarrak eta Ahuntxa,” “Fandango” and “Arin Arin.”

Besides participating in mass, the club also organized a dinner for Aberri Eguna, but for organizational reasons, this had to be postponed for another weekend.  The Day of the Basque Homeland festivities will coincide with the club’s first annual dinner on Saturday, May 7 at 21:30 at the clubhouse (Mitre 488) and will also include a performance by the dantzaris.  The menu is paella.

Cultural Stand

In hopes of holding activities to introduce Basque culture to the community the Concordia Basque club will take to the streets with a stand on the Plaza 25 de Mayo where they will distribute information on the club’s various activities.

The first outing took place on April 30 and in the words of the organizers, “It was a very successful experience and we hope to repeat the same every month if possible, even twice a month; many people came to find out about the origin of their last names and to comment on stories about how they came and what their Basque ancestors did.  The Basque dances also caught the attention of the public,” Cecilia Silva Torrea, club dancer told

In regards to the date of the next stand, it is yet to be determined, but the club will let everyone know on its Facebook page: ‘Centro Vasco Concordia Ibaiko Izarra’.

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