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New project at Gure Ametza in Rio Cuarto: the club has begun to organize family reunions


Eciolaza-Aristimuño Family Reunion
Eciolaza-Aristimuño Family Reunion


Río Cuarto, Argentina. It is a widespread custom for Basques in the Diaspora to hold family reunions.  This being the case, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren that are part of the same family tree and whose surnames figure there, choose a day to gather see each other again or even meet for the first time.  Reunions are usually very emotional, especially when these events include information on recuperating the past, or when the protagonists share about the Basque culture, normaly with good food to gather around and share.

The Gure Ametza Basque Club in Rio Cuarto knows a lot about this and have begun to offer its services to organize events for interested families.  The serve include the hall, direction on how to present the ancestors’ history, gather photos, create a family tree, and information about Euskal Herria and preparation of a typical paella by the club’s cooks.

Eciolaza-Aristimuño Family

The first family to try out their services was the Eciolaza-Aristimuño Family originally from Idiazabal, Gipuzkoa.  In the words of Sergio Eguiazu, project promoter and organizer of these family reunions, “Some 50 people attended, and all were very happy.  Nothing was missing, there was even a txalaparta.  For the club it is also an opportunity to get to know each other.  In fact, there were people that came that had never come to the clubhouse,” Eguiazu explained.  More reunion photos, here.

To contact the Euskal Etxea, Euskal Etxea Gure Ametza

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