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Luis Carricaburu, new president of the Euzko Etxea Basque Club in Villa Maria in an election with a high degree of participation


Newly formed board of directors at the Euzko Etxea in Villa Maria
Newly formed board of directors at the Euzko Etxea in Villa Maria


Villa María, Argentina. In a General Assembly that stood out due to the high level of participation, 156 members who were eligible to vote and 122 of them actually doing so, Luis Carricaburu was elected as the new president of the Euzko Etxea Basque Club in Villa Maria.  In this way, and after a period of unusual campaigning in the world of Basque clubs, two tickets vied for the club’s board of directors news of which even reached local media.  The official ticket “Gernikako Arbola,” included incumbent officers wishing to continue with outgoing president, Gerardo Echeverria who had served over the last 29 months, beating “Haize Aldaketa” 83-39 led by Dario Azumendi.

According to Echeverria, despite the campaign “had the characteristics that it did,” the Assembly was carried out in an “absolutely normal and calm atmosphere.  They even unanimously approved the reporting on the 2017-2018 year.” The outgoing president also remarked to his joy in the fact that the club could hold its elections under such good terms.

After the meeting, the candidates and president of “Haize Aldaketa,” Dario Azumendi, congratulated the newly-elected president on his win.  “Luis (Carricaburu) is a very well-loved person in our community and we know that he will keep the club united: the most important thing for the institution,” Echeverria said.

Luis Carricaburu, new lehendakari

Son of Cesáreo Miguel Carricaburu Maya born in Elbete, Navarre in 1913, Luis Carricaburu has "always" been part of the club and has especially collaborated at its celebrations with his accordion.  His sister, Maria Concepcion, was the first dance instructor at the club and his children are also at the heart of Euzko Etxea.  His oldest, Javier, is a pilotari and dantzari, and his youngest, Maite, is part of the board and takes care of the txikis.

Gernikako Arbola (2019-2021) is comprised by the following names:

-President: Luis Carricaburu
-Secretary: María Sofía Echeverría
-Treasurer: Eugenio Onnainty
-Directors: María Victoria Echeverría, Clara Fissoreandy Lorena Marín. Alternates: Adriana Alberdi and Mirta Salaberri
-Auditors: Gabriel Lisai, Daniel Gortari and Elizabeth Pivetta. Alternate: Guillermo Pirra
-Pro-secretary: Gabriela Ugo
-Pro-treasurer: Juan Alberto Caselles

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