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Laurak Bat in Buenos Aires is renting its restaurant and invites Argentine chefs as those in the Basque Country to send proposals


Laurak Bat rents its restaurant
Laurak Bat rents its restaurant


Buenos Aires, Argentina. The well-known restaurant located on the first floor of Laurak Bat Basque Club is now available.  The locale, a dining room and bar including kitchen facilities and annexes is in perfect shape and ready to start working again with a new project.  This is why the board of directors did not hesitate to put it up for rent.

According to club president, Arantxa Anitua, “We know that this is a difficult time, but the advantage of our restaurant is that it has been recently renovated, the furniture also belongs to the club, and the kitchen is in perfect condition; that is to say that the initial investment to start working would be minimal.”

Laurak Bat is ready to receive proposals that contemplate and accompany the institutional project of valuing and spreding the Basque culture through food.  The establishment would be for rent, and proposals should be emailed to

“We would like to reach gastronomic entrepreneurs from Argentina, but also, and why not from the Basque Country or the Diaspora.  We think that it would be a good occasion, especially now that the exchange rate is favorable, for a Gastronomy school, or for a chef who would like to open a restaurant and reach success on this side of the world,” Anitua proposes.

Since the beginning of 2018, the Amalur Restaurant operated in these facilities with Shanti Abotiz, who due to the economic crisis created by the pandemic decided to close the restaurant’s doors.

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