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Korrika 21 took its first steps in the world: Paris, Brussels, New York, Sydney, Necochea…begin their tipi-tapa



Buenos Aires, Argentina. Korrika 21 is coming right up in Euskal Herria where the korrikalaris will begin on April 4th at 5pm in Gares, Navarre to finish the race on the 14th in Gasteiz, Araba. However, Basques and euskaltzales around the world also join in.  We reported yesterday about Korrika in Paris that took place last Saturday in the streets from Montmartre to Pariseko Euskal Etxea headquarters. Another Basque club celebrating beforehand is that in Brussels whose event is this Saturday.

Following are some invitations that we have received.  We know that there are many more, we´ll be publishing more articles the following days, but f your club doesn’t appear here, write us.

-Necochea, Argentina. Euzko Etxea invites everyone on April 6th at 11:00 at Pinolandia and Avenida 10. After Korrika there will be txorizo sandwiches. More information, here.
-Sydney, Australia. The Gure Txoko Euskal Etxea invites members and friends to meet on Sunday April 7th at the Observatory Hill at 10:30am, to walk to the clubhouse at 11am.  Lunch will be served at 2pm.  More information, here.

-Valencia, Spain. The Laurak Bat and  Euskaltzaleok Basque clubs will meet in the Pilar Plaza on April 6th  beginning at 11:00am for Basque dancing with Korosti Taldea; at noon, herri kirolak; at 1pm Korrika; at 14:30pm, lunch; at 6pm, Basque music (Garikoitz Knörr and DJ Soinu Gorriak). More information, here.

-Salt Lake City, Utah. The Basque Club of Utah invite everyone to Sugarhouse Park on April 6th at 11am.  More information here.

-New York, New York. The Delegation of Euskadi in the US and Eusko Etxea will celebrate Korrika on April 7th beginning at River State Park in Brooklyn to Eusko Etxea.  The event begins at 12pm.

-Mexico City. Basques in Mexico will gather on April 7th to celebrate Korrika 21.  They will begin at the Tree of Gernika (between Ciceron and Moliere Streets) to the clubhouse (Aristóteles 239) where various activities will take place. More information available here 21. Korrika Mexikon.

-Santiago, Chile. Korrika will take place on April 13th.  Korrikalaris will gathere at 9am on the corner of Andrés Bello and Suecia streets where they will head towards the Euzko Etxea in Santiago.  More information here Korrika Txilen 2019.

But next weekend's events will be part of the next article.

We will continue to update events...

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