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Is your Euskal Etxea planning to celebrate Day of the Basque Diaspora? If so let the Basque Government know


September 8th is the Day of the Basque Diaspora.  Has your club thought about how it will celebrate?
September 8th is the Day of the Basque Diaspora. Has your club thought about how it will celebrate?


Vitoria-Gasteiz. This year marks the fourth annual edition of the celebration of the Day of the Basque Diaspora which no doubt entered the calendar in Basque communities and Basque clubs around the world with a great force from minute one, as well as in the institutional agenda of the Basque Country.  The first edition was held in 2018 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, the second in 2019 in Ispaster (Bizkaia), the third last year in Ormaiztegi (Gipuzkoa), conditioned by COVID-19, and now we are at the fourth edition.

How will you celebrate?  There are many ways to do so, and everyone celebrates as they want, can and feels.  The date is September 8th and in some cases before or even after that date, with the Basque Government also holding an institutional event.  Each Basque club joins in the way they see fit contributing their grain of sand.  Each joining other euskal etxeak around the world in a day expressing a feeling of belonging and paying tribute to all of the Basques in the Diaspora that preceded us or that work today in different countries keeping their heritage.

Tell us show you are going to celebrate

It can be a meal, or a public or private event, a book presentation, an article sent to the local paper, showing a film, or simply raising the Ikurriña with a toast, or remembering the date on social media.  There is not a better or worse way to do so, the question is just to do it.  All of these celebrations will be added to the program of the Day of the Basque Diaspora equally.

From the Directorate of the Basque Community Abroad, Gorka Alvarez Aranburu and his team ask that you tell them about your plans, whatever they may be and email that information to so that it can be included in the World Program of the Day of the Basque Diaspora to be distributed around the world.

Mila esker eta Gora Euskal Diasporaren Eguna!

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