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In the year of its Sesquicentennial, the Euskal Juarez Group in Benito Juarez unveiled a plaque during the Immigrant Day festivities



As part of the city’s 150th anniversary, and during the Immigrant Day festivities, members of the Euskal Juarez Basque association unveiled a commemoratory plaque at the Monument of the Immigrants, located in the local cemetery.  The activities, in honor of the immigrants will last all week and will conclude with a show on September 22nd. 

Benito Juarez, Argentina.   The Euskal Juarez Basque association in the city of Benito Jaurez, in the province of Buenos Aires once again held its annual date and participated in the Immigrants Day events.  On this occasion, on the night before, representatives of communities laid a wreath and hung a commemorative plaque remembering the Basque contribution at the Monument of the Immigrants in the local cemetery.  The ceremony was attended by representatives of various religions who addressed the public, as well as members of the various communities who currently reside in the city.

On September 4th, Immigrant Day, an exhibit was inaugurated in the Juan Jose Bernal Torres Library,.  The exhibit hopes to expose symbolic elements of each community like flags and personal belongings distinctive to each culture.  It also includes significant memories of immigrants and their families, photos, belongings and souvenirs. In the words of Maria Elena Haedo, one of the club’s references, to, “the exhibit turned out very beautiful and was visited a lot.  We are very happy and added several more Basque names to our group.”

The program of activities will continue over the coming days and the exhibit will be available to view until tomorrow.  On September 22nd, the Sol Argentino Dance School will perform the show, “Spain and Argentina in a Song,” also at the library.

In regards to the various activities for the city’s 150th anniversary, the Euzkal Juarez group is planning to represent the Basques in the city at the celebration.  Haedo told about plans to represent the Basque Country in a parade that will be held on October 31st. 

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