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Etxepare Basque Institute to open a new Basque language and culture lectureship at Tiblisi University in Georgia


Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University or TSU is the oldest university in Georgia and the Caucasus region
Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University or TSU is the oldest university in Georgia and the Caucasus region


Donostia-San Sebastian. As a result of the collaboration agreement signed in September 2020 between the Etxepare Basque Institute and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University in Georgia, in February 2021 the Georgian university will launch a new Basque Language and Culture lectureship. On November 17, the Institute will start a selection process for a Basque Language and Culture Lecturer to teach for the 2021-2022 academic year, with the possibility of an extension, the Etxepare Basque Institute announced.

According to Irene Larraza, director of the Etxepare Basque Institute, Basque and Georgian culture have a close relationship, including on a linguistic level. “The relationship between Euskara and Georgian is well-researched,” she said, adding that "all of this has led to a special interest in Basque culture and language in this country in the Caucasus region, most particularly from the University of Tiblisi."

Larraza points out that the University has been “proactive from the beginning” in setting up the lectureship and has provided “numerous opportunities.” Larraza believes that it will be a "very fruitful" lectureship, which will not only attract many students but will strengthen ties between the Basque and Georgian cultures.

Full-time contract

The lecturer will have a full-time contract (up to 15 hours per week in academic activities), to teach from February 2021 to August 2022, with a possible extension, which will be offered to the lecturer on a year-to-year basis subject to a favorable report from the University.

Candidates who apply for the position must meet the following requirements: hold a 4- or 5-year university degree and a PL3 or equivalent degree in Euskara proficiency. Priority will be given to degrees in Basque Philology, Basque Studies, or Translation and Interpretation (Language A: Basque), as well as accreditation of the PL4 or C2 in Basque.

The successful candidate will become part of the Institute´s international network of 30 lecturers in 35 universities around the world.

Application submission must be within 30 days after the call has been published in the Official Bulletin of the Basque Country (BOPV-EHAA). [ will follow and will inform of the call's publication when it occurs, in a few days]

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