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ETB is urgently seeking a Basque youth from the Diaspora to appear in a new TV show beginning July


Rocio Basterra's fans will be able to see her again on ETB1 next week on "Yes we jai" (photo-video
Rocio Basterra's fans will be able to see her again on ETB1 next week on "Yes we jai" (photo-video


ETB is looking for a young man from the Diaspora between 18 and 35 years of age, preferably from the US but could be from elsewhere that is ready to go to the Basque Country immediately to appear and participate on one of ETB’s summer TV programs. All that is required is an acceptable knowledge of Basque, and availability during the months of July and August, certain self-confidence and the possibility of starting this week. The person will join a group of collaborators that includes Rocio Basterra, from Argentina, and Sonia Kolazcek, from Poland, both of them Basque speakers.

Bilbao, Bizkaia.  Euskal Telebista will begin it annual summer programming, that will include programs dedicated to town festivals that take place in July and August throughout the Basque Country.  This year’s summer program is called “Yes we Jai” and will be presented by actor Joanes Passicot from Iparralde, who will visit the various summer festivals all over the country accompanied by Argentinean Rocio Basterra, Basque language teacher and pilotari, and Sonia Kolazcek, a researcher from Poland.

It will be a half-hour daily program (at 9:45pm), dynamic, young, carefree and codenamed festive and humorous, in which the point of contrast will come through the reference, testimony and commentary of three people from different parts of the world followed by a camera recording their comments as they participate and visit some of the strangest celebrations and traditions prevailing in villages in the different territories.

The producer, Pausoka is now seeking a young Basque man from the Diaspora with an acceptable knowledge of Euskera, who will join Rocio Basterra and Sonia Kolazcek in their TV appearances. The only requirement is naturalness and self-confidence in front of the cameras.

The person would need to travel to the Basque Country this week. Travel, room and board in Donostia will be provided in exchange for availability four days a week, traveling with the correspondence team to visit the various towns in the Basque Country during their festivals.  In practice it will be like participating in a contest.


[Video of Basque-Argentinean Rocio Basterra and Natalia Hormazabal in their memorable speech in 2008 on the popular TV game show Mihiluze]

If you are available or know of anyone who is, or if you need more information, write  The person in question will then be contacted via Skype or similar mode of communication to agree on the conditions.  The project starts immediately. 


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